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  • Sometimes Life Throws You A Curved Ball

    Peace Harmony and Joy Sep 12, 2018

    Sometimes Life Throws You A Curved Ball Sometimes life throws us a curved ball which makes us take a look at where we are. I was recently off work due to hurting my back. When I returned to work it was obvious that my back was not up to sitting in a chair all day. Due to this I decided to leave work and my last day will be on 31st December 2018. I will start 2019 in a totally different place as I have decided to become a Full time Therapist.The interesting thing was for years I thought my back would not stand up to seeing clients all day. When I did the maths I found that I did not require to do this. I love reiki and very often am found chatting for up to an hour after a therapy session. I decided I did not wish this to change. I do not want to be rushing a client out to see the next one.I was speaking to a client at the weekend who asked me when she should return. I told her what I tell everyone- when they decide they need more reiki. In the past I have had contact with a company who[…]

  • Living In The Moment

    Peace Harmony and Joy Aug 23, 2018

    Living In The Moment Today I was walking beside work and saw brown leaves falling from the trees. These are the first I have seen that shows that Autumn is on it's way. We are almost three quarters of the way through 2018 and for most of us it has gone quickly. This year I decided not to have any New Year Resolutions. I often find we break them quite quickly anyway. I decided instead that I would take the year as it came and enjoy doing what I do. Now you may think that is not good enough, but so many opportunities came my way and I feel that I have done more this year than in previous years.Sometimes when we put ourselves under pressure to do or not do a specific thing, all that happens is we feel weak and that we have let ourselves down, when something stops us taking the action. Instead, if your aim was to lose weight for instance, you may find doing things on the spur of the moment and being happy will do one of two things. It will either stop you worrying about your weight because you are out and about enjoying yourself and having[…]

  • Beautiful Colours, Beautiful Thoughts

    Peace Harmony and Joy Aug 13, 2018

    Beautiful Colours, Beautiful Thoughts What are you grateful for today? I  love the fact that the garden is full of colour. Looking out my front window I can see trees and hedges with different colours of green. In the  side garden I have orange Crocosmia, pink Roses, yellow Polyanthus, purple Lavender, pink / red Honeysuckle. I also have bushes that have flowered and now have the green leaves on them, and that's just in my side garden!Inside my house I have trailing plants that are great for putting out Oxygen as well as good to look at.  If I look out my back garden then I am grateful to see all the plants that a neighbour planted for me including a fir tree that I love.I have barely left my home in the last few weeks due to hurting my back but I think as long as you are surrounded by colour it can make life more interesting. Sometimes you may not be able to do all that you want but it makes me happy if I can appreciate things around me.  Even if you don't have a garden, plants in the home are good for your health so why not grow a few[…]

  • Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

    Peace Harmony and Joy Jul 26, 2018

    Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life Today I want to talk  to you about the different types of people that may be in your life. If you have read The Celestine Prophecy you will be aware of 4 personality types. They are:1.The Intimidator2. The Aloof3.The Interrogator4. The Poor me I'm sure we all know someone who is an Intimidator. They control you by being in charge and making you feel fearful. They intimidate you and are generally not nice to be around. Perhaps if you don't do what they want you may lose your job! You may be unlucky to work around this type of personality. The solution is to try and remove them from your life.The Aloof person attracts your energy to bring attention to themselves then withdraws. How about these people that post on social media that something terrible has happened or they are at the hospital but don't say any more? They then have every one posting "How are they? What's wrong?". Of couse you are left hanging without getting an answer. You might also ask how their day was and the only response you get from them is "Fine".The Interrogator can be similar to the Intimadator but makes you question yourself.  They are[…]

  • Teaching Children Meditation and Howto be Confident

    Peace Harmony and Joy Jul 12, 2018

    Teaching Children Meditation and Howto be Confident This week I had a special visitor. Up till 5 years ago I hosted Foreign Language students in my home. One of my students from 9 years ago was visiting Edinburgh this week and dropped in to see me. He was someone I always remembered, as when he arrived he brought me a purple scarf and on leaving he bought me The Reiki Bible with lovely words from him inscribed inside. He was a teacher and I always thought his students were so lucky to have him. While he was staying with me, he kept buying books and eventually sent 2 very large boxes full back to Spain. All purchased with his own money. Roll on 9 years and he is now the Deputy Head teacher of his school. He also told me they have introduced Mindfulness forhis students from age 3 onwards. Like me, he believes if you teach them early it will set them up for life.He is also aware that children learn more from interactive actions rather than sitting learning only from books. We discussed that children pick up languages much faster when they are younger. Each year his school brings in a teacher from another country[…]


    Peace Harmony and Joy Jun 19, 2018

    REIKI - THE WHITE LIGHT OF CHANGE I was just filling in a questionaire about my business. It really made me think what I was doing with it. I will explain what I mean by that. Reiki to me is my life but when I started down this journey, I remember saying to my teacher at first  that I was never going to treat another person. Instead I was doing it just for me. Of course that did not happen lol.The next stage, when I trained to Teacher level, I again said this was just for me. I also said I would train 1 person only, which was my daughter. I remember him laughing at me as he just said "Watch this space!" So you see, I never meant to make reiki my business. For me it was a way to change my life for the better. The energy has a way of making things happen. Not only did I train my daughter, but I also trained her husband plus two of my Grandchildren! First after level 2 I was asked to work in a therapy shop at weekends and I found I loved working with people. Then about 9 months after teacher level training I was telling[…]

  • Reiki Awareness week 2018

    Peace Harmony and Joy Jun 10, 2018

    Reiki Awareness week 2018 This week from Saturday  9th June is Reiki Awareness Week. Have you heard of or had a session of reiki before? What did you think of it? What is it?Reiki is Universal Energy. One of the misconceptions about reiki is that the practitioner is using their own energy. This is not correct. In actual fact you can find giving reiki to another actually gives you more energy! This is because the energy flows through the practitioner to the recipient.Reiki helps your mental attitude and can make you more positive in your thoughts. It can help you de - stress and also relieve pain. As I wrote on my Facebook page today it can also help people who are terminally ill to pass over more comfortable. What is there not to like about reiki?One of the great things about reiki is once you are attuned to the energy it is with you for life. How cool is that. I even had a student that had not used it for 7 years and was surprised to find it still worked when she called upon it to help after an injury. Even better is you do not need to carry a therapy couch[…]

  • Children's meditation

    Peace Harmony and Joy May 25, 2018

    I put this together for my Grandchild after I made  my first one for her. She is 9. My Grandson who is 13 said the first one made him so relaxed that he would pay for it. I am taking him at his word and decided it would be lovely to make personalised meditations for other children. These can include things, places or animals that the individual child loves. If this resonates with you then please get in touch.I think in todays world it is too easy for children to get stressed. Teaching them to Meditate and go into a quiet space can help them.Children's meditation


    Peace Harmony and Joy May 21, 2018

    PROUD TO BE SCOTTISH Tonight I am so proud to be Scottish. I have just been for a visit to the Social Bite Village for the Homeless. Social Bite started a few years ago by  two people opening a cafe in Rose Street, Edinburgh where people would buy a coffee or meal and leave money to Pay It Forward for a Homeless person to enable them to get something to eat and drink too.  They soon started employing homeless people and have now opened up more cafe's in Scotland and a restaurant also in Edinburgh. After speaking to Homeless people and hearing the same story over and over again they decided they could action change. Last year they had CEO's who slept outside to raise funds. This allowed them to get some tiny houses built.  It was meant to take 4 years but instead  in under a year they had them built plus so much more was done.They organised Sleep In The Park where 8000 people slept in Princes Street Gardens and raised an enormous amount of money. With the help of the Cyrenians who have great knowledge of homelessness, and Edinburgh Council who have  loaned them a piece of land, they have now[…]

  • Having The Confidence To Change

    Peace Harmony and Joy Apr 29, 2018

    Having The Confidence To Change I was reading today about people leaving their jobs and feeling lost as they left workmates behind.  The main thing that I took on board was to make sure you have a life outside work. Those who do many events with workmates can feel more adrift after leaving that workplace. Work should not be all your life is about. It is to pay for you to have a life.I was sitting in my garden reading this and saw a plant which made me think. Do you feel you are in the wrong place? My plant was planted 22 years ago and never flourished until it was finally moved last year by my wonderful neighbour Billy. Look at it now with all the new growth on it. If you feel stunted where you are then open your eyes. Life is all about change. Perhaps it's time for you to make a move. Don't feel you have to stay in a stuck situation where you do not feel happy. If you cannot make a move now, then start to put things in place so you can plan for your future. Learn to do things that will make you happy outside of work[…]

  • Synchronicity - The Universe Is Listening to you!

    Peace Harmony and Joy Mar 10, 2018

    Synchronicity - The Universe Is Listening to you! I love how synchronicy works. I just had a long conversationwith a friend and heard about all the synchronistic things that were happening to her. I have had a few of my own recently including yesterday. I have a complaint open regarding an account I have. As the person persisted on calling me when I was at work and never emailing me again I thought I would get in touch with her. I went through my work internet to access my home email as she had emailed there once before but I found it blocked.  Can you believe they even block my website as it is Spiritual! I then went into my account on line and found I could not remember the password as at home it automatically connects. Thinking I would have to wait until I got home to email her I gave up at that time. Not 10 mins later who should email me at my work email but the complaint handler! I had given it to her but it was the first time she had used it. I had just been thinking surely she knows to contact me through my work email lol.Last week I went on[…]

  • Communities Come Together For Beast From The East

    Peace Harmony and Joy Mar 2, 2018

    Communities Come Together For Beast From The East With the UK getting lots of snow over the last couple of days it brought back memories of when I was  growing up. Back then all we were concerned about was throwing snowballs and making snowmen. Back to today, as an adult, we are now concerned with getting to work safely especially as there was no public transport and a red warning which means not to travel. Out of this has come many acts of kindness, from individuals, taxi firms, garages, shops and many more. Some people were offering lifts for staff and patients to get to and from Hospitals. Others were carers in communities that outside carers could not access, so they took it upon themselves to help those in need. Many shops have been decimated and have no bread or milk left so locals have been helping others in their areas out with either giving them food or going out to the shops on their behalf. We have churches opening up to allow people a warm place to sleep and eat and people donating things including coats for the dogs. There is even a Vegan restaurant in Edinburgh called ROOTS that could not open their shop due  to the[…]

  • How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace

    Peace Harmony and Joy Feb 14, 2018

    How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace This is what I posted on Facebook this week and thought I would expand on it a little."I was looking at my Blog stats today and saw that someone had accessed ablog from 2015. After reading it I had a lightbulb moment. At work Ihave headphones on and often don't hear those around me. It has become ajoke that I don't hear being advised to come off the phones lol. Myblog was all about Mindful Meditation and how you can cut out soundaround you and just hear the sounds of nature. I realised that when I amat work I cut off from the noise around me and concentrate on listeningto the person at the other end of the phone. I have trained my brain tocut out the waffle going on around me and concentrate on what is reallyimportant. See, Meditation really does help you, unless you are meantto be getting a break from work!"It made me think about all the people who are stressed at work. This may be to do with work or their personal circumstances. If you are an employee what would you like your employer to put in place? If you are an Employer what steps have[…]

  • Synchronicity and The Celestine Prophecy

    Peace Harmony and Joy Feb 10, 2018

    Synchronicity and The Celestine Prophecy I was speaking to someone today about when we can feel like a Victim. The thing that helped me understand this was when I read The Celestine Prophecy. This tells you of the different types of people that come into play in our lives. I found that I was living the life of The Victim.  Everything was going wrong in my life and it was all "Woe is me". Once I recognised this I was able to make changes and with the  help of reiki too I managed to change my mindset and have never looked back. My story gets interesting from then on. This is what is said by the author James Redfield.“If one can connect and build up enough energy, then coincidental events begin to happen consistently.”―James Redfield,The Celestine ProphecyThe first book came into my hands after a friend had read it. She advised I had to read it and she would bring it in the summer when she was coming to stay with me. Not two weeks had gone past when it arrived in the post with a message that it could not wait and I was to read it now. While I read the book which[…]

  • Looking back over 2017

    Peace Harmony and Joy Jan 6, 2018

    Looking back over 2017 2017 was an interesting year for many. Politics in the UK have been all about Brexit and some of the false things that were put before the voters. There was also an oil line built through Dakota Indian reservations against the wishes of the Indians living there. There has been a leak there already. Whenever there is an oil spill it kills all the area and wildlife around it. This can affect the land and water for many years after a spill. Many disabled people and those on benefits are not being treated correctly in the UK either with many being left homeless or without money. On top of all that, Donald Trump also advised there is no such thing as Global Warming! These are people in  power making those decisions and saying these things. It really makes you wonder where common sense and humanity to all has gone from those in power.So many decisions made by governments that we wish could be taken back. It reminds me of the song by Queen-Is this the world we created. We have all been granted time on this earth and should all be taking care of it.  This may be voting in[…]

  • Are You Crazy? Think Again!

    Peace Harmony and Joy Jan 2, 2018

    Are You Crazy? Think Again! I saw this today on my drafts in my Blogger and it got me thinking. I never posted this! There are thousands of people out there, myself included, that know there is more to life than getting up in the morning, going to work and going back home again. Between us we practise Reiki, Meditation, sound baths, Law of Attraction and many more therapies that all help us in different ways.I am very grateful that I am in touch with so many other therapists that have expanded my horizons over the last few years. It is great to share ideas and practices with others.When I started working with reiki energy people thought it was odd. Now it is accepted by most people that I speak to so it has now become more mainstream. Some people though are very  traditional and don't want to believe that anything outside conventional medicine can help them so are unwilling to believe the alternative things on offer. I have found recently that you can only tell people about these new ideas and see how they react, even if the result is they roll around the floor laughing.I had this recently when I was talking at[…]

  • Gratitude for yourself and others

    Peace Harmony and Joy Dec 6, 2017

  • Helping Others Worse Off Than Ourselves

    Peace Harmony and Joy Dec 4, 2017

    Helping Others Worse Off Than Ourselves Today I am not at work as I have done my Back in. It has not done that for 2 years, which I am grateful for. It made me think that at least I can access painkillers and stretch out on a bed if required. I also have electricity to plug in my Sun Ancon Chi machine. Others are not so fortunate. Imagine those that are living on the streets with no money or fixed abode to get help when they need it? Imagine also how cold they are with Winter arriving.Christmas and the Holiday season has landed. We are all thinking about what to buy for those we know. Usually, instead of sending cards to people, I buy something through Unicef to help the third world. I am a great believer that the majority of cards end up in landfill and it is such a waste.This year, instead, I am helping my Grandson Eamonn who is 13 years of age to help the Homeless in Edinburgh. We are going to gather as much money as we can to help buy gloves, scarfs and hats for those on the streets.  Edinburgh is doing a lot to help the homeless but[…]

  • Be Happier Through Being Grateful

    Peace Harmony and Joy Nov 21, 2017

    Be Happier Through Being Grateful  Today I feel so grateful for my life. We all have times in our life when things may not be as we like, but the more you are grateful for what is good in your life, the happier you will become. You really should try it and see over the coming weeks the difference it  makes you feel.Instead of watching TV and hearing about horrible situations, or watching soaps and getting caught up in family dramas (please remember the latter are not real), go outside instead. Let the wind go through your hair, even if it's getting to the time of year to wear hats and scarfs. Being in tune with nature is the way for a much healthier state of mind. What's even better is it's free!Be aware that your life really does matter and somehow it impacts on others. I remember my grandson seeing a homeless person and gave him some of his lunch. We now have Social Bite who are trying to erradicate homelessness. If that person had not made an impact on my grandson, Eamonn would not be wanting to do more to help others at this time of year.I was telling my reiki students yesterday[…]

  • Feeling rejuvenised and rested

    Peace Harmony and Joy Oct 18, 2017

    Feeling rejuvenised and rested I have just returned from a cruise. It is something I had wanted to do for 13 years, since I did my last one and only cruise with my daughter. It came about as I was on holiday with a friend last year and mentioned I could never get anyone willing to travel on the water with me. They all wanted a holiday on land.  This friend shouted out "Me!" After she said that, we went to a travel agency and booked. Talk about the Universe giving me the answer I needed.It used to be that people that went cruising were elderly and rich. You do still get that but our cruise was full of people of all ages, like us, that had saved up and there were also families that had been put forward by the Make a Wish Foundation. These are holidays for children who are terminally ill. There were others that had moved closer to cruise terminals so they could get cheaper cruises, more often. There were many families with children of all ages too. They were all catered for.We met loads of lovely people on board and learnt many stories from people. One lady even told[…]


The Science of Reiki

I recently came across this wonderful article written by Nikki Mackay. I felt the need to share this with you.

One of the biggest challenges faced by complementary therapists today is the need to bridge the gap between science and 'New Age' beliefs. While public perceptions of the benefits of a more holistic approach to health, and to life in general, have shifted significantly in recent years, there is still much to be done to ensure that those who might benefit most have both awareness of, and access to, therapies and services which can be literally life-changing. For those of us already convinced of the potential benefits of alternative remedies and treatments, through personal experiences and those of clients and students, the lack of scientific research to back up, and in particular to explain the efficacy of complementary and alternative medicine, can often be frustrating.

One of the biggest challenges faced by complementary therapists today is the need to bridge the gap between science and 'New Age' beliefs.  While public perceptions of the benefits of a more holistic approach to health, and to life in general, have shifted significantly in recent years, there is still much to be done to ensure that those who might benefit most have both awareness of, and access to, therapies and services which can be literally life-changing. For those of us already convinced of the potential benefits of alternative remedies and treatments, through personal experiences and those of clients and students, the lack of scientific research to back up, and in particular to explain the efficacy of complementary and alternative medicine, can often be frustrating. 

This is perhaps particularly true of Reiki.  Like many energy healing systems, it is a safe, gentle and effective complementary therapy, which can benefit almost any condition, from emotional stress to chronic pain. Reiki is a non-invasive treatment that can complement existing allopathic treatment, carries no side effects and no contra-indications, and appears to reduce stress, help boost the immune system and stimulate the healing process within the body. The benefits of treatment are often felt immediately, and a weekend training course can provide all the necessary techniques and information for participants to treat themselves, family and friends.  Having worked with Reiki and other energy systems for years, and witnessed the extent of the healing brought about on many levels for so many people, it is our belief that this therapy should be available to everybody.

To become available to everybody, ideally through mainstream medical and therapeutic channels, it has to first be proven to be effective, beneficial and safe. For this to be proven we need to employ accepted rigorous scientific methods and move away from the more anecdotal research that relies upon the impression of the patient and/or healer on their progress rather than measurable parameters. A tall order, perhaps, but we believe we have just taken another step towards that possibility.

I first heard about Reiki and energy healing in general when I was training to be a clinical physicist with the North Glasgow National Health Service (NHS) trust in the UK. I was fairly sceptical when I first heard about it, but after I experienced it and felt it for myself I became convinced of its value as a healing and spiritual tool. I became convinced that something that causes you to feel relaxed, to improve your health (I was suffering from M.E at the time and Reiki helped dramatically) and wellbeing in such a positive and tangible way must have some physiological effect within the body. I was certain that this couldn't just be due to a psychological belief. I came to the conclusion that if there was an actual physiological effect of the energy healing that this would be triggered within the nervous system, and more specifically, the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS is concerned with the functions of the body that we ourselves cannot control directly such as respiration, blood pressure, sweating and vaso-dilation. It permeates every part and every organ of the body with both sensory and motor pathways, and plays a part in the regulation of our essential functions.

I started to investigate previous research into energy healing to see if anyone else has come up with this link. I discovered that there have been several attempts to study the mechanism of effect in touch therapies such as Reiki, however most have been anecdotal in approach and few studies have used a rigorous scientific approach for the measurement of biological outcomes. A literature review of previous studies shows an apparent link between Reiki treatment and the autonomic nervous system. One of the most commonly reported effects of Reiki is that of relaxation or a reduction in stress. The ANS is the motor system for emotion; if Reiki were to ameliorate stress it would therefore also have some effect on the ANS. A paper authored by Ramnarine-Singh (1999) states that the physiologic system sensitive to energy-based therapies is the ANS, as it affects the body's physiological response to stress, and suggests that physiologically Reiki and Therapeutic Touch (TT)-a therapy similar to Reiki—can be measured by recording blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, electroencephalography, electrooculography, galvanic skin response, and hand temperature. Wardell and Engebretson (2001) measured the biologicaleffects of Reiki on the ANS and found significant reduction of anxiety and systolic blood pressure, and a significant increase in salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels, using healthy volunteers for their study. Anxiety was assessed through muscle tension measurement using electromyography as well as monitoring of salivary IgA levels. Vaughan (1995) also investigated the ANS looking at systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and skin response, and found a definite trend towards the lowering of diastolic blood pressure. Turner et al. (1998) investigated the use of TT for reducing anxiety levels in burn patients, finding a significant reduction in the TT group in comparison with a placebo group. Evanoff and Newton (1999) found that energy-based therapies significantly reduced pain in a randomized control trial of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. TT/Reiki has also been investigated within the field of cutaneous wound healing. Ramnarine-Singh (1999) highlights the apparent link between energy-based therapies and the ANS, stating that the previous 'psychological' research is difficult to interpret because of the subjectivity involved. It calls for new studies measuring physiological responses within the ANS. Work by Quinn (1984) and Vaughan (1995) support this hypothesis.

At this point I had just finished a rotation period working in the Institute of Neurological Sciences at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, a world class centre for research of this type. I contacted my supervisor at the institute to discuss my ideas about energy healing and the ANS and to propose a plan for a research study. He was as curious as I was, and so we began to put together a proposal.  It took considerable time, effort and energy on our part before we were finally given approval to go ahead with the study, which we entitled 'An investigation into the effect of Reiki on the Autonomic Nervous System'. The aim of our study was to investigate if some indices of autonomic function would show any significant differences between Reiki treatment, a placebo treatment and a control group. The study was a blind trial with subjects assigned at random into the three groups. 45 Healthy volunteers were recruited from colleagues and associates, 15 subjects assigned into each group. The study used parameters for which there are reliable, quantitative measures such as heart rate (HR), cardiac vagal tone (CVT), blood pressure (BP), cardiac sensitivity to baroreflex (CSB), breathing activity and hand skin temperature. These parameters are controlled by the cardiovascular and respiratory centres in the brainstem but are modulated by higher functions of the nervous system. The novel aspect of our study was the real-time measurement of brainstem autonomic function by monitoring cardiovascular regulation carried out by the medullary nuclei.

During the study itself the Reiki group received rest and Reiki treatment, the placebo group received rest and placebo treatment, and the control group only rest. On arrival the subject was positioned on a couch and the electrodes and transducers were attached. Baseline data were recorded during a rest period for 15 minutes. There then followed a 30 minute treatment period (Reiki or placebo or rest) followed by another 10 minute rest period.

The Reiki treatment consisted of the placement of the practitioner's hands over the subject's body in a series of six hand positions chosen to correspond with key points in traditional energy healing systems, over clothing, for a thirty-minute period. The hands were placed over the volunteers' eyes, temples, occiput, chest, knees and the soles of the feet. The only point at which the practitioner touched the volunteer was to place their hands underneath the head to reach the occiput. The placebo treatment was carried out by a person with no knowledge of Reiki, who simply mimicked the hand positions of the Reiki practitioner.

Eight different physiological parameters were recorded: heart rate; systolic blood pressure; diastolic blood pressure; mean blood pressure; cardiac vagal tone; cardiac sensitivity to baroreflex; skin temperature and respiration rate. From the statistical analysis of the data we found that there were no significant differences present in the control group, this was as expected. However we did find statistically significant differences between the Reiki and placebo groups, namely changes in heart rate and blood pressure. For those who received Reiki treatment, there was a significant reduction in heart rate and diastolic blood pressure that did not appear in either the placebo or the control group. We have linked the observed reduction in heart rate with the increase in CVT, indicating increased parasympathetic Autonomic activity. There was also an observed increase in skin temperature which could be caused by increased blood flow to the skin, enabled by the reduced vaso-constriction, indicating a reduction in sympathetic activity of the ANS, though the observed change was small. Blood pressure showed a significant reduction in the Reiki group. The blood pressure reduction can perhaps be explained by the increase in CSB that we witnessed. However, higher centres are able to set the level at which the blood pressure should be defended by the autonomic control system. In the placebo group the CSB also increased, although to a lesser degree, but with no corresponding blood pressure reduction. This suggests that perhaps the difference in blood pressure has been caused by higher centres within the nervous system setting a different control level in Reiki but not in placebo.

So what does all this actually mean? Scientifically, what we can say after carrying out this study is that there appear to be significant differences between the Reiki group and placebo and control groups. The nervous system appears to be responding differently to Reiki than to placebo Reiki which strongly indicates that Reiki has some effect on the autonomic nervous system. We cannot conclusively say that 'Reiki works', as this was a relatively small study, but it certainly does justify further research, such as a larger study either looking in more detail at the ANS and its response to Reiki, or investigating the symptom profile of a disease during and after Reiki treatment. What we can say after completing this study is that the body, and the ANS specifically, responds to Reiki or energy healing and that this response is not purely a psychological effect or wishful thinking on the part of practitioner and/or patient. This scientifically sound conclusion represents a significant step towards bringing energy healing as a whole into the mainstream and, with luck and more hard work, ultimately into general medical practice. 

The research is published in full in the following Scientific peer reviewed journal: Autonomic Nervous-System-Changes During Reiki Treatment:


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