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  • How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace

    Peace Harmony and Joy Feb 14, 2018

    How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace This is what I posted on Facebook this week and thought I would expand on it a little."I was looking at my Blog stats today and saw that someone had accessed ablog from 2015. After reading it I had a lightbulb moment. At work Ihave headphones on and often don't hear those around me. It has become ajoke that I don't hear being advised to come off the phones lol. Myblog was all about Mindful Meditation and how you can cut out soundaround you and just hear the sounds of nature. I realised that when I amat work I cut off from the noise around me and concentrate on listeningto the person at the other end of the phone. I have trained my brain tocut out the waffle going on around me and concentrate on what is reallyimportant. See, Meditation really does help you, unless you are meantto be getting a break from work!"It made me think about all the people who are stressed at work. This may be to do with work or their personal circumstances. If you are an employee what would you like your employer to put in place? If you are an Employer what steps have[…]

  • Synchronicity and The Celestine Prophecy

    Peace Harmony and Joy Feb 10, 2018

    Synchronicity and The Celestine Prophecy I was speaking to someone today about when we can feel like a Victim. The thing that helped me understand this was when I read The Celestine Prophecy. This tells you of the different types of people that come into play in our lives. I found that I was living the life of The Victim.  Everything was going wrong in my life and it was all "Woe is me". Once I recognised this I was able to make changes and with the  help of reiki too I managed to change my mindset and have never looked back. My story gets interesting from then on. This is what is said by the author James Redfield.“If one can connect and build up enough energy, then coincidental events begin to happen consistently.”―James Redfield,The Celestine ProphecyThe first book came into my hands after a friend had read it. She advised I had to read it and she would bring it in the summer when she was coming to stay with me. Not two weeks had gone past when it arrived in the post with a message that it could not wait and I was to read it now. While I read the book which[…]

  • Looking back over 2017

    Peace Harmony and Joy Jan 6, 2018

    Looking back over 2017 2017 was an interesting year for many. Politics in the UK have been all about Brexit and some of the false things that were put before the voters. There was also an oil line built through Dakota Indian reservations against the wishes of the Indians living there. There has been a leak there already. Whenever there is an oil spill it kills all the area and wildlife around it. This can affect the land and water for many years after a spill. Many disabled people and those on benefits are not being treated correctly in the UK either with many being left homeless or without money. On top of all that, Donald Trump also advised there is no such thing as Global Warming! These are people in  power making those decisions and saying these things. It really makes you wonder where common sense and humanity to all has gone from those in power.So many decisions made by governments that we wish could be taken back. It reminds me of the song by Queen-Is this the world we created. We have all been granted time on this earth and should all be taking care of it.  This may be voting in[…]

  • Are You Crazy? Think Again!

    Peace Harmony and Joy Jan 2, 2018

    Are You Crazy? Think Again! I saw this today on my drafts in my Blogger and it got me thinking. I never posted this! There are thousands of people out there, myself included, that know there is more to life than getting up in the morning, going to work and going back home again. Between us we practise Reiki, Meditation, sound baths, Law of Attraction and many more therapies that all help us in different ways.I am very grateful that I am in touch with so many other therapists that have expanded my horizons over the last few years. It is great to share ideas and practices with others.When I started working with reiki energy people thought it was odd. Now it is accepted by most people that I speak to so it has now become more mainstream. Some people though are very  traditional and don't want to believe that anything outside conventional medicine can help them so are unwilling to believe the alternative things on offer. I have found recently that you can only tell people about these new ideas and see how they react, even if the result is they roll around the floor laughing.I had this recently when I was talking at[…]

  • Gratitude for yourself and others

    Peace Harmony and Joy Dec 6, 2017

  • Helping Others Worse Off Than Ourselves

    Peace Harmony and Joy Dec 4, 2017

    Helping Others Worse Off Than Ourselves Today I am not at work as I have done my Back in. It has not done that for 2 years, which I am grateful for. It made me think that at least I can access painkillers and stretch out on a bed if required. I also have electricity to plug in my Sun Ancon Chi machine. Others are not so fortunate. Imagine those that are living on the streets with no money or fixed abode to get help when they need it? Imagine also how cold they are with Winter arriving.Christmas and the Holiday season has landed. We are all thinking about what to buy for those we know. Usually, instead of sending cards to people, I buy something through Unicef to help the third world. I am a great believer that the majority of cards end up in landfill and it is such a waste.This year, instead, I am helping my Grandson Eamonn who is 13 years of age to help the Homeless in Edinburgh. We are going to gather as much money as we can to help buy gloves, scarfs and hats for those on the streets.  Edinburgh is doing a lot to help the homeless but[…]

  • Be Happier Through Being Grateful

    Peace Harmony and Joy Nov 21, 2017

    Be Happier Through Being Grateful  Today I feel so grateful for my life. We all have times in our life when things may not be as we like, but the more you are grateful for what is good in your life, the happier you will become. You really should try it and see over the coming weeks the difference it  makes you feel.Instead of watching TV and hearing about horrible situations, or watching soaps and getting caught up in family dramas (please remember the latter are not real), go outside instead. Let the wind go through your hair, even if it's getting to the time of year to wear hats and scarfs. Being in tune with nature is the way for a much healthier state of mind. What's even better is it's free!Be aware that your life really does matter and somehow it impacts on others. I remember my grandson seeing a homeless person and gave him some of his lunch. We now have Social Bite who are trying to erradicate homelessness. If that person had not made an impact on my grandson, Eamonn would not be wanting to do more to help others at this time of year.I was telling my reiki students yesterday[…]

  • Feeling rejuvenised and rested

    Peace Harmony and Joy Oct 18, 2017

    Feeling rejuvenised and rested I have just returned from a cruise. It is something I had wanted to do for 13 years, since I did my last one and only cruise with my daughter. It came about as I was on holiday with a friend last year and mentioned I could never get anyone willing to travel on the water with me. They all wanted a holiday on land.  This friend shouted out "Me!" After she said that, we went to a travel agency and booked. Talk about the Universe giving me the answer I needed.It used to be that people that went cruising were elderly and rich. You do still get that but our cruise was full of people of all ages, like us, that had saved up and there were also families that had been put forward by the Make a Wish Foundation. These are holidays for children who are terminally ill. There were others that had moved closer to cruise terminals so they could get cheaper cruises, more often. There were many families with children of all ages too. They were all catered for.We met loads of lovely people on board and learnt many stories from people. One lady even told[…]

  • Love yourself and others Meditation

    Peace Harmony and Joy Oct 5, 2017

  • Don't Be Stuck In Fear Mode. Let's Spread Some Joy.

    Peace Harmony and Joy Sep 29, 2017

    Don't Be Stuck In Fear Mode. Let's Spread Some Joy. Although I stopped watching or listening to the news a few years ago, there are some things you can't escape from. You hear so much on the internet especially on Social Media.  I cannot say strongly enough not to believe all you see in the news. Often it is biased towards what they want you to believe, rather than the truth of a situation. Today I read about the possibility of war with North Korea and America. What it really needs is someone to knock some sense into those in power, not to have other countries joining in! Whenever there is strife and action gets taken, we often find out years later that it was based on lies.Anyone in Government should be doing the best for those who appointed them. Running the risk of war and thousands of deaths is not the way forward. I hope especially that the UK government have learned from the past!Many times over the years I would read or hear things that were so biased and often highly embellished so I realised that companies, especially the BBC, should no longer be held in high esteem. It cannot be said that it is unbiased where political[…]

  • Peace Harmony and Joy: Change Is Good For The Soul

    Peace Harmony and Joy Sep 26, 2017

    Peace Harmony and Joy: Change Is Good For The Soul: As the trees change colour and we move into Autumn what changes have you made this year? All our plants constantly go through change and r...

  • Change Is Good For The Soul

    Peace Harmony and Joy Sep 24, 2017

    Change Is Good For The Soul As the trees change colour and we move into Autumn what changes have you made this year? All our plants constantly go through change and rebirth. Why should we be any different? I believe we should always be changing. It may be our bodies or our mindsets. We can continue to learn as we go through this lifetime.This year has  been a big one for me since my Hypnotherapy workshop. I finally realised what made me the weight I was. This has enabled me to change my eating habits and my thoughts. At the same time I went  Plant based. The  last thing to remove from my diet was was milk and cheese. The Milk was easier as I had been making Almond Milk for a while with Almonds and water and also found an organic Soya Milk with just Soya and water so no nasties in either. The hardest addiction to remove was the cheese which has casein in it. This triggers the same part of the Brain that hard drugs do. No wonder I was attracted to it. I found after 2 years ago going vegetarian, that I was eating so much more cheese than I ever had[…]

  • Gratitude Meditation

    Peace Harmony and Joy Sep 18, 2017

  • Funny time with the dogs

    Peace Harmony and Joy Sep 18, 2017

  • Gratitude - What does it mean to you?

    Peace Harmony and Joy Aug 27, 2017

    Gratitude - What does it mean to you? How often do you feel Gratitude?The reason I ask this is I am sitting in my garden in the sunshine surrounded by colour. Nature is wonderful if you take time to be aware.  Apart from the flowers and trees, if you stand or sit quietly, you can hear the sounds of the different birds.Today I have taken photos of all the colours surrounding me.A large part of the beauty in my garden is thanks to my wonderful neighbour. He took plants both large and small from his garden and planted them in mine. The rest I planted from seedlings and have watched them grow. Another thing I am grateful for is the Hypnotherapy workshop I went on. As I advised in my last blog I am also transitioning to becoming Vegan. Since then I have lost 10 kg!  I have put a little back on as I had a friend staying but it is coming back off just as quickly. With her being Gluten Free and me eating plant based foods I was amazed at how many places in and around Edinburgh could accommodate us.Two places I would highly recommend for a visit, if you are ever up this way is[…]

  • Changes For Your Better Health

    Peace Harmony and Joy Jun 28, 2017

    Changes For Your Better Health I hope you are all having a good week. Today I was  looking at a photo I took this week that shows my garden cut into light and darker areas. It made me think that sometimes darkness can overcome people but all it needs is to let a little chink of light in to start seeing some changes.The plant at the front of my photograph was planted almost 21 years ago and was not thriving at all so my wonderful neighbour moved it for me. Within a couple of weeks it started budding and is now growing  at a good pace. Plants are like people that if you stick them where they are uncomfortable they will not grow. All mine needed was a change of location. The dogs are my bonus lol.Sometimes people get stuck in a place they don't want to be either mentally or emotionally.  A lesson I learned this week (and should have known better) was not to concentrate on what you were unhappy with. As soon as I reminded myself of this my outlook changed. I know some people have a lot of dark times but the best suggestion I can make is to try to[…]

  • Weight loss for Dummies - that includes me!

    Peace Harmony and Joy Jun 14, 2017

    Weight loss for Dummies - that includes me! I decided this week to treat myself to a workshop with a lot of life coaching and hypnotherapy included. It was to set me on my path to lose weight. It was run by Gillian who I would highly recommend. She can be found here.It's interesting what you learn about yourselves on this course. I think we all had a light bulb moment. Synchronicity also works in mysterious ways as for a while I have been considering changing my foods to plant based. I kept seeing a website for delivery which I thought was a good idea to get started but had not signed up. Tonight I received an email from the site Fork over Knives. It directed me to watch a very inspiring film about losing weight on the plant based diet- here. I was then shown a voucher on line for money off Allplants which is the website I kept considering using. Talk about synchronicity moving forwards. Tonight I was also accepted to try out another thing. I will tell you more about it later.I love how when you put it out there that things start to happen. I will also be increasing my exercise so will put[…]

  • Time Changes Thoughts

    Peace Harmony and Joy May 14, 2017

    Time Changes Thoughts What a difference a month makes. My last post spoke about my burglary so I thought I would give you a little update. The police caught the thief and called me to say they might have some of my jewellery. They asked if I had someone past or present with the name Daisy. That was  my mothers name. They had recovered a tiny silver heart pendant with her name on it. When I posted this the person that had given it to her spoke up that she had mum's name put on the pendant. This person grew up like a sister to me.  A few days later I went to The Edinburgh College of Parapsychology and guess what?  My mum came through and said I now had her pendant. It was great to have confirmation that she watches over me.It has taken me time to get over feeling my house was violated and I was unable to see any reiki clients but I'm pleased to say that my house feels like my own again now and I ran a workshop last week and had a client and the atmosphere in my home is back to how it should be.  These[…]

  • Sometimes It's Okay To Not Be Okay

    Peace Harmony and Joy Apr 15, 2017

    Sometimes It's Okay To Not Be Okay Last week at work I spoke with a husband whose wife had left their 18month baby alone in the bath. The baby has been in a coma for 3 months and is now brain damaged and on breathing and suction machines. I wanted to put out my arms to hug him. What an awful thing for the family to live with. All it took was a few minutes inattention. When you speak with people over the phone you never know what conversation is going to come through but this one shocked me big time.This week I had a shock of my own when I returned to the house to see that I had been burgled. My brain felt paralised for the first day and now I am writing down all the things I think are missing. I've got a feeling that other things will be remembered as and when I need them. Apart from having my home violated it has left me feeling uncomfortable so my sage is going to come out this weekend.During this time I have been so grateful for all that friends and family have both done and offered to do for me. I know that I[…]

  • Now Is The Time To Spring Into Action!

    Peace Harmony and Joy Mar 3, 2017

    Now Is The Time To Spring Into Action! Today I was out walking my dogs and a thought came to me. Now is the time the buds are growing on the trees and the bulbs are popping up through the ground although some are already in flower.  I thought what makes them different to us? Come New Years day people think of their New Year resolutions. For the first time ever I made none this year! By this time - March- most have fallen by the wayside. We all seem fired up in the beginning then life takes over and we go back to our bad habits.Take the plants as they build up their energy in the ground throughout the winter and slowly pop their stalks above the ground as the temperature slowly rises.  I think though that this year and the last couple, both plants and people are being confused with the seasons. Once the stalks are up you see the buds getting bigger before they split open to present their colourful flowers. This can take weeks from when they first appear out of the ground. Sometimes we are lucky that after they have flowered, many weeks later they can flower again or they may do this[…]


Empowering yourself and others


The swan decided we were NOT crossing the bridge and kept checking to make sure we were not following. We kept him happy by walking round the long way. It is great to see all the water plants growing thickly and the nests being built amongst them for all the water birds. My favourite time comes soon when all the chicks are born. Then it's a case of seeing how many make it past their first weeks due to predators.

It reminded me that we can sometimes be in a similar situation. How often do you have a dream that gets waylaid time after time by people saying you will not make it or you are not worthy? These are our predators. Perhaps they think they have a reason for not wanting you to succeed. It may be jealousy that you can do better than them or just being mean.

Sometimes the biggest one for us can be self doubt. This may be due to how we were brought up or what has happened in our lives more recently. Doubt can be overcome! Part of that is surrounding yourself with people that believe in you and can instill you with positive thoughts.

Every day we can speak to people that feel weak in some area of their life. We can all do our part by helping to get others back on to an even keel where they can start to motivate themselves again. Give praise when it's due and they will start to believe in themselves again.

So my thoughts for today are to go out there and be aware of the impact you can make on others lives. Sometimes a smile can be enough to lift them but other times people may need a little help in other ways. If you are the doubter one thing I would recommend is listening to some Anthony Robbins videos on Youtube and then believe that the only way is UP. I know that you can bring success to your life in all ways. Have a great day everyone.