Finally, New workshop dates.

I hope this finds you all well. Who would have thought that I would just get settled in my new area and Level 4 would be introduced over most of Scotland? I managed a couple of clients before we were shut down again! I’m really missing seeing clients and running workshops but now the Scottish Government has given a date of 26th April for Close Contact work to resume. That means I can work again. Yippee!

I have added to my website dates for my first workshops of 2021 and I cant wait to help more people connect with the energy. I will only be allowing 4 people to join me at this time. I’m sure Willow and Merlin will love to get some cuddles too.

During these last few months time I found I needed something to do and found a company that I really gelled with. My home has now been free of chemicals for 10 months! Imagine cleanning your home 6 times better with no chemicals involved! If you are interested in finding out about this I can demonstrate over Zoom so let me know.

This will be my first workshops in Ormiston in East Lothian so please help me spread the word that I will be open for therapies too from 3rd May. Here’s hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel now.

I thought I would share this lovely feedback I received this week.