Are your Emotions Confused?

I keep bursting into tears. More from random Acts of Kindness I see or hear about online. This is not like me and I wondered why. I have the answer. Every day at this point in time we are showered with stories of deaths from the Corona virus. It is enough to pull everyone down. Although I always look out for good things happening, social media is now being flooded with them. It may be people singing or dancing in the street or people driving past loved ones to celebrate their birthday. Of course today we also celebrate Captain Tom Moore, a man who decided to walk in his garden to raise £1000 for an NHS charity. He has raised over 31 million pounds! How astonishing is that? He is 100 today so Happy Birthday Tom.

On top of that everyone has wakened up to how much we owe our Key workers that are all working on the front lines. These people are putting their lives at risk, especially if they are not being given the correct protection. We now have people setting up their 3d printers to make face covers and people sewing masks for our medical and care staff. We have people looking out for our elderly or sick neighbours and shops working hard to make sure those in need get their groceries delivered.

We also have businesses giving away learning programmes for free and many people raising the vibrations of others through both speech and meditation. People have also been sharing from all over the world, how the earth is changing. The top of the Himalayas can be seen for the first time in 30 years due to the lack of smog in India.

In Venice Swans and Dolphins can now be seen in numbers at the waters which are now running much clearer. I’m sure all of us are seeing less emissions from the lack of cars on the road too.

This is a time for us all to take stock. I am sure a lot of you reading this are also finding the emotions coming to the surface, especially if you can’t meet up with family and friends. See if you can find another way to do this. You could use Facebook messenger, Skype, Zoom and lots of other sites. The important thing is to keep in contact with others. Do not isolate yourselves. Why not see if there is anything you have wanted to do but did not have the time previously. Even You tube has lots of videos to learn with.

I have found with no clients and no workshops that I am frequently running out of things to do so I went online to Hobbycraft and have bought a couple of things to make. They should arrive any day now.

I am also seeing more online about whether governments are handling this virus in the correct way or time. This too can make us feel that we don’t know who or what to believe. All I will say on that subject, is do your research but until something changes, please do what you are asked to do. No thinking that you can do extra things such as driving to places. In Scotland there has been an increase in that over the last week. That is just a start and if people then decide they will have a picnic at the park or a neighborhood BBQ, all that will happen is Lockdown will take longer to be released. I for one can’t wait for a hug from my family and to visit the local Swans and their signets. Take care everyone and be safe and have a Hug from me!


Joy Fraser

UK Reiki FederationReiki Master / Teacher