Aloha from Spain

I hope wherever you are you are all having a good day. I have been learning all about Kindle, Kindle select and Pinterest this week. It’s amazing that there are so many social sites that you can use for both personal and business interests. Many people use Facebook and Twitter also as they have both been around a bit longer. My brain is buzzing with all the information I have aquired and the webinars I have watched but I’m raring to go.

I have been combining all of this learning with relaxing in the Sun and swimming in the pool so it has been a good mixture for a holiday. The weather here has been great and I found out yesterday that my host did not need a jacket on for the whole year here in Spain. They even had Christmas lunch on the terrace! Usually at that time I am all wrapped up with Hat, Scarf, Gloves and de-icer. It’s such a different life here and I love it.

I am currently sitting on the Terrace listening to the Chickadee birds that are so small you cannot see them. At times it sounds like the noise that comes from an electricity station. Theres are also some small sparrows that are tweeting away so I’m finding it very relaxing.

It’s a new experience also to be able to sit outside in the sun when I am giving myself reiki with no shoes on- very grounding. I love being surrounded by nature and I have that in abundance here from the palm trees and sweet smelling Oleander to the hills in front of me. There are Budda statues all around me too plus candles so it feels like I have just come home. Today I have a lot to be grateful for.

Soon I will be able to share some of the things I have been learning about and hope to help others increase abundance into their lives too. For now get the most you can out of life and don’t be trapped in negativity. Remember too that your thoughts are acted on so only put positive thoughts of abundance in all things out to the universe.