Are You Crazy? Think Again!

I saw this today on my drafts in my Blogger and it got me thinking. I never posted this! There are thousands of people out there, myself included, that know there is more to life than getting up in the morning, going to work and going back home again. Between us we practise Reiki, Meditation, sound baths, Law of Attraction and many more therapies that all help us in different ways.

I am very grateful that I am in touch with so many other therapists that have expanded my horizons over the last few years. It is great to share ideas and practices with others.

When I started working with reiki energy people thought it was odd. Now it is accepted by most people that I speak to so it has now become more mainstream. Some people though are very  traditional and don’t want to believe that anything outside conventional medicine can help them so are unwilling to believe the alternative things on offer. I have found recently that you can only tell people about these new ideas and see how they react, even if the result is they roll around the floor laughing.

I had this recently when I was talking at work about Animal Communication and the above actually happened so I sent them a link to the story of the Leopard Diablo. This was after I had gone on an Animal communication course and was blown away by how we can communicate with animals. You should really make time to watch the video. Previous to that I had been asked what I had been doing the evening before and advised I had seen Chris Ratter who is a psychic Surgeon.  I did say that knowing them they would not want to hear where I had been but they insisted. Since that day they always look to be entertained by what I get up to out of work. I tell them that even if they laugh they are being enlightened by learning about things they previously had no knowledge of. It’s just as well I’m thick skinned also. I now work with a different team who are getting used to my strange ways lol.

Recently I have been learning more about food and how much rubbish we put into our mouths which then go on to cause ill health for so many people. It has taken me a long time to get to here though. I remember giving my children sugar free diluting juice thinking I was doing the right thing for them. Now I am aware that often the sweet taste which replaced sugar was due to Aspartame which causes serious health issues.  For all the parents out there, take a look at the packaging on what you give your children. It will shock you and please stop giving them fizzy drinks.  You are setting them up for problems.  Recent information shows the top brands are losing a lot of customers as we are becoming wise to what the drinks can do to us. I recently saw a video of a family that were given organic food only for 2 weeks. Before they started their urine was checked and they each had numerous chemicals and pesticides in them. After going Organic they were checked again and there was almost zero chemicals in them. A couple of people from my work have seen a  therapist I know who tests for food intolerances. I saw her too and all 3 of us found out foods that our bodies were not happy with and by changing or eliminating these we all found it helped us. One of mine was bread and looking at the packaging and seeing all the extra ingredients was an eye opener for me. I then made my own and have reduced the amount of bread I eat from my diet.

The point I am making is the world is expanding on what we can do to help ourselves but people need to be willing to either make changes in their lives or at least open up to the idea that there is more help available outside of traditional medicine. The more we let people know about these things and don’t feel embarrassed when talking about them will go a long way to helping others become aware. For anyone that is helping themselves with any of the above- You are NOT  crazy!

Joy Fraser
Reiki Master / Teacher