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Be Happier Through Being Grateful

 Today I feel so grateful for my life. We all have times in our life when things may not be as we like, but the more you are grateful for what is good in your life, the happier you will become. You really should try it and see over the coming weeks the difference it  […]

Feeling rejuvenised and rested

I have just returned from a cruise. It is something I had wanted to do for 13 years, since I did my last one and only cruise with my daughter. It came about as I was on holiday with a friend last year and mentioned I could never get anyone willing to travel on the […]

Change Is Good For The Soul

As the trees change colour and we move into Autumn what changes have you made this year? All our plants constantly go through change and rebirth. Why should we be any different? I believe we should always be changing. It may be our bodies or our mindsets. We can continue to learn as we go […]

Gratitude – What does it mean to you?

How often do you feel Gratitude? The reason I ask this is I am sitting in my garden in the sunshine surrounded by colour. Nature is wonderful if you take time to be aware.  Apart from the flowers and trees, if you stand or sit quietly, you can hear the sounds of the different birds.Today […]