Autumn has arrived or is it winter?

Autumn is here. All around the leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees. How does this make you feel? Do you want to hibernate until springtime and get cosy by the fireplace? Or do you continue with life outside the home getting enjoyment out of the season?

 I love all seasons, from the spring with all the bulbs popping up, to the summer when everything grows quickly, the autumn when there is suddenly lots of beautiful colours as the leaves change and the winter when it gets darker earlier and you just want to be a homebody. Perhaps all you can think of are cold and snow, rain,slipping on leaves as they fall and more grass cutting than before. If this is you then you are missing out on a lot of life.

 I realised that I now need to take a torch with me when walking my dog Misty this morning. Tomorrow I will be looking out her collar with lights attached. This to me means we are moving from Autumn into Winter. One of my friends even had to defrost her car this morning. This is the time to make sure your cars are serviced and your heating works.

As it gets darker I do not exercise with the dog as much as the rest of the year but she is happier to stay out of the rain and cold especially as she has arthritis now.  For me I increase the time I spend on the Sun Ancon Chi machine. Fifteen minutes on the Chi Machine is equivalent to 90 minutes of walking exercise in terms of oxygenation of the blood. Research has also shown that when you swing on the Chi machine for 15 minutes, it can produce the same effect as walking 10,000 steps. It actually makes the body consume the equivalent amount of calorie burning oxygen during one and one half-hour’s of walking. It’s a shame my dog cannot use the Chi machine as it’s good for arthritis too! You can find out more about the Sun Ancon here.