Beautiful Colours, Beautiful Thoughts

What are you grateful for today? I  love the fact that the garden is full of colour. Looking out my front window I can see trees and hedges with different colours of green. In the  side garden I have orange Crocosmia, pink Roses, yellow Polyanthus, purple Lavender, pink / red Honeysuckle. I also have bushes that have flowered and now have the green leaves on them, and that’s just in my side garden!

Inside my house I have trailing plants that are great for putting out Oxygen as well as good to look at.  If I look out my back garden then I am grateful to see all the plants that a neighbour planted for me including a fir tree that I love.

I have barely left my home in the last few weeks due to hurting my back but I think as long as you are surrounded by colour it can make life more interesting. Sometimes you may not be able to do all that you want but it makes me happy if I can appreciate things around me.  Even if you don’t have a garden, plants in the home are good for your health so why not grow a few more. My only problem just now is all the emails I’m getting from a plant company, but know I cannot do any planting just now. Never mind, there’s always next year!

I often hear from people that I am a positive person.  You can be too. It all starts with a thought and for me, reiki too. Remember that how you think will change how you feel!

Joy Fraser
Usui reiki Master / teacher