Welcome to my Reiki blog

Welcome to my blog!


My thanks go to all that have been involved in the creation of my new website. I finally have a site that not only looks great but that I can update with my events and a BLOG! If there is anything you would like to see me talking about just ask. To start I would like to talk about coincidence. I firmly believe there is no such thing! Everything happens for a reason.


I have in the last few months been more involved with clients suffering from ME. Two of the many symptoms of this terrible illness are extreme fatigue and a lot of pain. Over the space of a week I had someone borrow a chi machine ( see her testimonial), some one came for Reiki and an ME charity asked me to train two people with ME in Reiki so that they could help others with this illness. It has been a big learning curve for me which I am extremely grateful for. If you live in the Edinburgh area check out Edmesh. The good news is both the Reiki and the Chi machine have helped in different ways which shows that sometimes when people feel lost in the system there are things out there that can make a positive impact on their lives. If you know anyone with ME or Fibromyalgia which often accompanies it please feel free to direct them to my site.



Reiki Feedback

I love getting feedback of the changes that Reiki can make to people. One of my latest Clients that I Attuned to Reiki felt it was faster to get rid of a cold this time round when she is usually floored by them. This one only had her feeling unwell for 24 hours! Another mentioned how calm he felt in his solar plexus area -more than he usually feels through meditation. Both are more relaxed and able to cope with day to day problems.

At Scottish Gas last week I gave Reiki to eleven people almost all had never had Reiki. They all left with comments of how relaxed, chilled out AND energised they felt. I wish to thank them all for helping me raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation.

If you would like to see what Reiki can do for you either being Attuned or just coming along for a session you can contact me to discuss.





Perfect weekend

My thanks to David Tyrrell for a great weekend. He will be returning hopefully soon from Holland to do a Workshop in Edinburgh so if anyone would like to be informed when this is organised please get in touch with me. I had a reading from him which was very good and the feedback from others was good too. If you missed out this time around he will only be doing the Workshop next time so any readings will have to wait. One of the things that came out of my reading was to make a video. If you want to see my practise runs you can check them out on my Facebook page… Peace Harmony and Joy. I will soon upload one to here too.


Workshops and Events

I am gearing up for a great weekend in September. I will be holding a day of Reiki Attunements and Instruction on the Saturday and letting as many people as possible try out the Sun Ancon Chi machine on the Sunday. The energy of both Therapies work well separately or together. That’s probably why I love both. I feel very grateful for the effect that both have had on my life. With Reiki I am a much calmer, positive person who always tries to find the best in a situation or person. With the Chi machine, it has helped my Back and so much more to enable me to control any time I have pain but it also gives me so much energy. Recently I did not use it for a couple of weeks and found myself yawning throughout the day which is unheard of for me.

If you would like to join me on either of these days you will be most welcome. I look forward to meeting you.


Fair in aid of the Edinburgh Sick Kids Friends Foundation

I am pleased to be taking part in the above fair. This will take place on Sunday 27th November. As I am very Eco conscious I will be selling a selection of Jute and cotton bags. They go from basic for your shopping to trendy for Students and young ladies. If you would like to see some photos look on my Facebook page- Peace Harmony and Joy. They will also include Freedom bags where a percentage of the price goes to help people in India to learn English so that they can get better jobs

I will also have Handmade soaps including a favourite of mine- Mint and Chocolate! Fantastic for the bath. If you want lighting with a difference there will also be Himalayan Salt lamps in my collection. I have these dotted around my house as they look wonderful as well as giving a great feeling to the rooms. They will be minimal weight of 2 kg and will look great in any room.


My friends Blackbirds Home and Garden ( also on Facebook) will also be there with their awesome Fairy Houses and doors. They also specialise in name plates and door hangers for your children etc. If you would like anything specially named before Christmas I would suggest contacting them sooner as I’m sure they willl have a lot of orders after the fair.


Hope to see you there and of course if you have any questions about my Therapies or the Sun Ancon Chi machine please come across and talk to me.