My Best Friend for Back Pain

My best friend is not a person, it’s a machine and you will soon understand why.  Many years ago I needed an operation. After this I had extreme back pain. One year later after many visits to an NHS Physiotherapist she advised me that she saw many people in her clinic with back pain after […]

Refreshed,energised and stress free.

I finally got back home last night at 11pm British time but it was 12am Spanish time so I had been on my travels for quite a few hours as I left at 3pm. This time as the shuttle bus was at the beginning of my journey I got home without any back pain unlike […]

Aloha from Spain

I hope wherever you are you are all having a good day. I have been learning all about Kindle, Kindle select and Pinterest this week. It’s amazing that there are so many social sites that you can use for both personal and business interests. Many people use Facebook and Twitter also as they have both […]

Do the Fairies come into your house or garden?

In case you were unaware I am currently sunning myself in a beautiful area of Spain. As is usual when I was coming to stay with my host I wanted to get her a thank you present for putting up with me lol. As it was also important that I did not over step my […]

Time out for me

I am in one of the most lovely places for a holiday. Surrounded by beautiful plants and orange and lemon trees.I think it is a perfect place to have meditation retreats as all you can hear are the Chickadee birds. Reiki is never far from my life as even here I will be attuning someone […]

Do you have a good Work / Life balance?

 It’s a good question to ask yourself. What is your work /life balance like? Do you find yourself leaving work at the end of the day worrying that you forgot to do something or do you shut the door on work and enjoy your evening? I feel that it is important to have extra interests […]

Children and the Sun Ancon Chi machine

CHILDREN AND THE SUN ANCON CHI MACHINE This weekend my Grandchildren have said they will help me make a video about the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. They have both had use of one for a few years. My Granddaughter who is 4 was introduced to it when Mum was pregnant. Not only did it help […]

Life is for LIVING

I am sitting here with my door to the garden open knowing shortly that it will get closed as the temperature drops. It is starting to feel Autumnal here in Edinburgh first thing in the morning and in the last couple of evenings.Soon it will be getting darker earlier and for a lot of people […]

Summer feels like it has arrived.

  What are you grateful for today? This summer has been one of the wettest in records where I live. It has meant that gardens were looking messy as they could not be cut and many flowers were being destroyed before they could even open due to all the pests and the rain. I did […]

Music is the food of life

I came across a photo today and thought how happy music can make us all. I was visiting someone today who was playing music of the 90’s and as each song came on it brought back many happy memories for me. I grew up with music in the house and also at school where we […]