Black Friday Deals

It’s that time of year again when everyone looks out for what they can buy cheaper than normal. I’m not sure if it’s cheaper than the January sales but sometimes we seem to have sales all year round. We all like a bargain though, including me. For the first time I have decided to come […]

How To Make Changes That Stick – And Transform Your Life

 Dr Mani Sivasubramanian and I connected a few years ago. He is a Heart Surgeon, Author, Internet marketer and so much more. He kindly offered to write a blog for me, so I requested one from him on making changes that stick and change your life. I am grateful to him for this. Apologies that […]

Synchronicity Strikes Again

I am gearing up for taking my Therapy business Full Time and the Universe is helping me along. The first thing I found this week was an old Vision Board saying I would be leaving my day job in October 2018. It was not really wrong as I’m leaving it in November 2018! In my […]

Sometimes Life Throws You A Curved Ball

Sometimes life throws us a curved ball which makes us take a look at where we are. I was recently off work due to hurting my back. When I returned to work it was obvious that my back was not up to sitting in a chair all day. Due to this I decided to leave […]

Living In The Moment

Today I was walking beside work and saw brown leaves falling from the trees. These are the first I have seen that shows that Autumn is on it’s way. We are almost three quarters of the way through 2018 and for most of us it has gone quickly. This year I decided not to have […]

Beautiful Colours, Beautiful Thoughts

What are you grateful for today? I  love the fact that the garden is full of colour. Looking out my front window I can see trees and hedges with different colours of green. In the  side garden I have orange Crocosmia, pink Roses, yellow Polyanthus, purple Lavender, pink / red Honeysuckle. I also have bushes […]

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Today I want to talk  to you about the different types of people that may be in your life. If you have read The Celestine Prophecy you will be aware of 4 personality types. They are: 1.The Intimidator2. The Aloof3.The Interrogator4. The Poor me I’m sure we all know someone who is an Intimidator. They control […]

Teaching Children Meditation and How to be Confident

This week I had a special visitor. Up till 5 years ago I hosted Foreign Language students in my home. One of my students from 9 years ago was visiting Edinburgh this week and dropped in to see me. He was someone I always remembered, as when he arrived he brought me a purple scarf […]


I was just filling in a questionaire about my business. It really made me think what I was doing with it. I will explain what I mean by that. Reiki to me is my life but when I started down this journey, I remember saying to my teacher at first  that I was never going […]

Reiki Awareness week 2018

This week from Saturday  9th June is Reiki Awareness Week. Have you heard of or had a session of reiki before? What did you think of it? What is it? Reiki is Universal Energy. One of the misconceptions about reiki is that the practitioner is using their own energy. This is not correct. In actual […]