Change Is Good For The Soul

As the trees change colour and we move into Autumn what changes have you made this year? All our plants constantly go through change and rebirth. Why should we be any different? I believe we should always be changing. It may be our bodies or our mindsets. We can continue to learn as we go through this lifetime.

This year has  been a big one for me since my Hypnotherapy workshop. I finally realised what made me the weight I was. This has enabled me to change my eating habits and my thoughts. At the same time I went  Plant based. The  last thing to remove from my diet was was milk and cheese. The Milk was easier as I had been making Almond Milk for a while with Almonds and water and also found an organic Soya Milk with just Soya and water so no nasties in either. The hardest addiction to remove was the cheese which has casein in it. This triggers the same part of the Brain that hard drugs do. No wonder I was attracted to it. I found after 2 years ago going vegetarian, that I was eating so much more cheese than I ever had before too. This of course also increased my weight.

My journey started when I spoke to a lady who was removing Cancer from her body just by changing her diet. She inspired me. At that time the only meat I had eaten for many years was Chicken and Turkey. After that conversation, the next 2 times I found myself eating meat, I realised I was not actually enjoying it, so why was I eating it?

The interesting thing about change is how the word can spread. Now my daughter’s family are plant based too. My son in law more recently after watching What the Health!  If you want to help your health, a good book and film to watch is Fork Over Knives.

My journey will continue as I learn new things as well as my body changes. So far without any fad diets I have lost 1 stone 7 lbs. That includes a holiday when I put a little on due to all the latte’s and hot chocolates lol. The good news it it all came back off plus another kilogram.

Whatever you do with your life, remember you can change.

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Joy Fraser
Usui Reiki Master / Teacher