Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Today I want to talk  to you about the different types of people that may be in your life. If you have read The Celestine Prophecy you will be aware of 4 personality types. They are:

1.The Intimidator
2. The Aloof
3.The Interrogator
4. The Poor me 

I’m sure we all know someone who is an Intimidator. They control you by being in charge and making you feel fearful. They intimidate you and are generally not nice to be around. Perhaps if you don’t do what they want you may lose your job! You may be unlucky to work around this type of personality. The solution is to try and remove them from your life.

The Aloof person attracts your energy to bring attention to themselves then withdraws. How about these people that post on social media that something terrible has happened or they are at the hospital but don’t say any more? They then have every one posting “How are they? What’s wrong?”. Of couse you are left hanging without getting an answer. You might also ask how their day was and the only response you get from them is “Fine”.

The Interrogator can be similar to the Intimadator but makes you question yourself.  They are never happy with whatever actions you have taken as they would have done differently. They will say things like ” Why did you do that?” They will keep asking until they get answers from you, even if it’s something you don’t want to talk about. You may also find they constantly criticise you, always finding fault. It is one way for them to feel better about themselves.

The Poor me was me until I recognised this after reading The Celestine Prophecy. I was in a no money, bad roof, recently become a single mum situation. I was one of those people that if 2 things had gone wrong I was waiting for the 3rd? How many people do you know that think like that? I can think of loads. A poor me just wants someone to change their situation but it is really up to them to do this, not others. Even if you are sick and in bed, you can start by reading Self help books to change your Mindset.

Once you become aware of the different types of people around you it allows you to wake up and make changes in your life. My awakening was accelerated by learning reiki and I am now a totally different person to what I was all those years ago. Don’t let people take charge of your lives, or if you see yourself as one of these personality traits, let this be a wake up call. We CAN all change our lives.

Joy Fraser
UK Reiki Federation Usui Reiki Master / Teacher