Change Your Mindset, Enjoy Your Life

In my daytime job I speak to people with all sorts of vulnerabilities. This could be an elderly person that has not spoken to anyone for a few days or someone terminally ill. Often those that are in a really bad place health wise are those with the light shining from them. One phrase I often hear is ” There is always someone worse than me”. People can be so resilient even when in chronic pain. The opposite are those that believe everyone is against them and only think of what they cannot do. It shows time and again that mindset has a big part to play in how we live our lives.

I remember many years ago reading the Celestine prophecy thanks to my friend Lorraine who advised me she was bringing this book when she visited me in the summer. A couple of weeks later a parcel dropped through my letter box with the words to read it as it couldn’t wait till summer! I could not put it down and have now read all the sequels. The main thing that comes out of the book is we are all one of 4 groups of people.They are intimidator, poor me, aloof and aggressor. At that time I found I was a poor me. Everything was going wrong and I felt like a victum. This book was a wake up call for me. Once I saw how my mind was working I took notice and tried to correct my thinking to be more positive. This became easier to do as time went by and reiki helped me immensly too.

It is all about Mindset. If you live in the darkness you will only see this. If you start by having a chink of light in your life then you will find this expands. Every day I look for something I am grateful for in my life. When you think this way more things throughout the day come into your mind that you are happy about.  Many of the people I talk to will have a laugh when we chat  as they know they cannot change the situation but it does not stop them enjoying life.

There will always be others such as a deceased relation of mine that for the last few years of her life, everytime we visited, the words from her were always “Why am I still here? I don’t want to be  here.” This was such a shame as she could have had so much to enjoy with what was in her life at that time. It also made it depressing for anyone visiting her. You can’t change everybody but you can at least try by giving them things to look forward to.

Recently I saw a video of elderly people being taught how to use computers. (Video)They each had a young person that helped them set everything up and who eventually connected all the elderly to each other in a chat room. These were people who had met at a daycare centre and now could connect from their own homes. I thought the video was awesome and the people involved thought so too. To see their faces as they chatted to their friends was so good. This was brought home to me by chatting to a 95 year old man who used his computer daily yet I can speak to people from 50 years onwards who think they are too stupid to learn. One 84 year old was bought a laptop by her daughter who also paid for a training course with Apple to make sure she knew how to use it.  Already she was able to look up information on line and was proud to have an email address! I have also seen on the web that AgeUK  run computer courses as well. You are never too old to learn or change your mindset! Be positive and look for the good in each day.

Joy Fraser
Usui Reiki Master / Teacher
Peace Harmony and Joy