Changes For Your Better Health

I hope you are all having a good week. Today I was  looking at a photo I took this week that shows my garden cut into light and darker areas. It made me think that sometimes darkness can overcome people but all it needs is to let a little chink of light in to start seeing some changes.The plant at the front of my photograph was planted almost 21 years ago and was not thriving at all so my wonderful neighbour moved it for me. Within a couple of weeks it started budding and is now growing  at a good pace. Plants are like people that if you stick them where they are uncomfortable they will not grow. All mine needed was a change of location. The dogs are my bonus lol.

Sometimes people get stuck in a place they don’t want to be either mentally or emotionally.  A lesson I learned this week (and should have known better) was not to concentrate on what you were unhappy with. As soon as I reminded myself of this my outlook changed. I know some people have a lot of dark times but the best suggestion I can make is to try to get out when you are in a good place and look for the chink of  light that you can use when you are pulled into the depressive mode. It may be joining a group that you have a hobby for, or even taking a walk by the sea. Make the time when you are in a better frame of mind to do things that make you happy and hopefully this will help you through the other times. It may even be that relocating or moving to another job will free your mind from your current stress. Treat yourself if you can to a holistic treatment. This could be a massage, reiki, reflexology or anything you feel drawn to. It’s important for you to do something that treats you!

If I ever feel down I just need to cuddle up to my 2 dogs and their friend in the photo. Dog hugs say it all.

Joy Fraser
UK Reiki Federation Master / Teacher