Changing Your Thoughts To Create Harmony In Your Life.

I am lucky to have a field locally that is securely fenced. This means that anyone walking their dogs and puppies can let them off their leads to play and socialise. Last week on a day that I was off I took my pups there and saw Willow run to the fence with another dog. On the other side of the fence was a crow. The crow walked slowly on the pavement taunting the pups who could not reach it. It then flew just above their heads landing on top of the fence looking down at them before flying to a tree. I was advised by the other owners that this happened daily as the crow came to their 9 am club. It enjoyed outsmarting the puppies each day and often would fly above just to taunt them! I must make sure I take my camera or phone with me the next time I join in with them.

It reminded me of a few years ago walking my previous dog Misty in a local park when we were suddenly attacked  by crows. I assumed that they had chicks in the tree and were being a bit over protective as my dog and I certainly could not reach the tree! The interesting thing was for the next 3 years as we passed that particular tree we always got dive bombed. It made me aware that crows have long memories. I have since seen footage of this which showed that even when people that they had not seen for one year covered their faces, the crows still remembered them.

This got me thinking about how memories play a large part in peoples lives. How many of us can say that we genuinely don’t harp back to things that we saw or were said to us or others in the past? I try to live in the now but don’t always succeed. This may be because what I have put behind me may still be impacting on another so it can still be brought into a conversation. I remember considering being trained in Emotional Freedom Technique and went for a couple of sessions with the trainer. After the first one the trainer said ” You must have had EFT before.” I advised I had not and asked why she thought this. She said I did not have any distressing memories to dissolve. I said that I had worked through these with reiki but I’m not sure she believed me.  EFT works for many people but it was not for me at that time.


How often do you hear that people are the way they are due to how they were brought up? This can sometimes be seen that an alcoholic or drug addict brings up a child that goes on to have alcohol or drug  related problems. I truly believe that for each of those children that take after the family there will be loads of others that go in the totally opposite direction. They often grow up stronger and successful, knowing that they have done it all by themselves. Of course they will have memories of how they were brought up but they don’t let these hold them back. They use the memory to know what they do not want to be.

One thing to remember is how you react or speak to anyone can live on in their memory so be careful of what you say or do to others.  Once you say something, it cannot be taken back. The best type of memory to have is a positive one. Isn’t it much better to be remembered for something good that you have said or done? We are all able to contribute to life in this way and it’s never too late to start.

Let us be like the crow and create memories to hold on to but make sure from now on that they are only good ones. One of the things I love doing is Paying it forward. It always make me feel better to help others. This creates lovely memories for me to  keep.  You can check PIF out here and  also  in the UK. I also love just going out in all weathers to see the changes the seasons bring. When your mind takes a snapshot of all the colours and sounds surrounding you, these can be brought out to revisit anytime you want to feel back in those places.

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