Chemical Free Cleaning

I am pleased to say I am now an Enjo Consultant. This means I can help you reduce your home of 90% of the chemicals you use. Are you aware that many chemicals we use in our rooms are highly toxic to aquatic life? We all know to keep them away from our children, but what about the rest of us, including our pets? We have Zones not only for each room in your home but also for outside and your skin.

Enjo is an Austrian company that has been in the UK since 2003. I only heard about it last year. Since May 2020 I have used no chemicals in my home and what a difference there has been. My dog has stopped his breathing issues inside the home and my asthma is better. Are you aware that when you spray a chemical it only takes 26 seconds to hit your major organs?

What’s even better is how fast I clean and it also stays cleaner for longer. If you have children, they can help you clean too as all you use is cold water and the fibres! They clean 6x better than using chemicals too.

If you are interested I can arrange to give you a demonstration over Zoom or at your home, if local to me. Even better, if a few friends join you, it is a way to make savings towards the products. Although the fibres last for 3 years they are guaranteed for 2 years, there is no risk. They have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Enjo as a company is carbon emission free and everything is recycled. Once you have used them for 3 years, you can hand them back to be recycled. This is why its my type of company. Let me start you on your chemical free journey. Contact me through my shop for any help you need.

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