Don’t Be Stuck In Fear Mode. Let’s Spread Some Joy.

Although I stopped watching or listening to the news a few years ago, there are some things you can’t escape from. You hear so much on the internet especially on Social Media.  I cannot say strongly enough not to believe all you see in the news. Often it is biased towards what they want you to believe, rather than the truth of a situation. Today I read about the possibility of war with North Korea and America. What it really needs is someone to knock some sense into those in power, not to have other countries joining in! Whenever there is strife and action gets taken, we often find out years later that it was based on lies.

Anyone in Government should be doing the best for those who appointed them. Running the risk of war and thousands of deaths is not the way forward. I hope especially that the UK government have learned from the past!

Many times over the years I would read or hear things that were so biased and often highly embellished so I realised that companies, especially the BBC, should no longer be held in high esteem. It cannot be said that it is unbiased where political parties are concerned. We often  find on Social Media too that we are being moderated and if anyone speaks about something those higher up don’t want people to know, it gets deleted. This may mean people are not getting to hear the truth or to hear opposing views. We are all adults, so should be able to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, there are so many people out there who believe everything they hear without investigating further. I prefer to have access to all places to help me make my decisions.

A big point here is to mention that Fear breeds Fear. It can get to the point that people believe the world is about to come to an end and that everything is going wrong. There is so much more going on that is right. We have so many good people around us. The only problem is this does not make such a good story as the Fear factor does.

 In Edinburgh we have a company called Social Bite who are setting  up a tiny home area in partnership with the council. Their website is here. So far thousands of people are signing up to sleep outside for a night in the winter to raise funds to help get the homeless into accommodation.  This proves that so may people believe that change can happen!  My thanks go to all those taking part and also all the Musicians and others that are taking part to entertain the crowds.

Check out the good things happening in your area.  Try paying it forward and making someones day. Do something for others that they don’t expect. Happiness can be yours with the right thoughts and you can spread it to others too!
If you want to start your day in a positive way you can check out my video here.

Joy Fraser
Usui Reiki Master / Teacher