Don’t Wait – Make Your Life Count Now!

I speak to people with health issues every day. Interestingly, many of those that are the most positive have pets. It could be dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, even down to stick insects.  I have 2 dogs and even on days like today when we come back home soaked it was good to get out and talk with other owners. It makes you feel alive. Of course the cuddles and antics from the dogs make it all worthwhile too!
Think of people you know that may not even have bad health that sit and stay closeted in their homes unhappy. Perhaps if they got a pet it would shift their mindset.  Any of the above would love time and attention therefore helping people to become more content. There are also lots of rescue centres with all types of animals awaiting a new life. I have seen many posts on line about a company that lets you share your dog with others . This may help if your health stops you walking your dog for short periods. I know I am lucky that both my friends and dog walker help if my back goes.
I had it brought to me this week how quickly someone’s health can change so I believe we should all be making the most of life that we can. If you can’t get out of the house at this time try and find interests and forums on line so you can still chat to others and develop new interests.
A group of people I feel sorry for are those that work till they retire, then sit at home. Why not enjoy a work / life balance before retirement so you have interests for when you do retire? Don’t be the person that says “When I retire I will do ……..”
So what are you waiting for? Make yourself move and get an interest to do something different either inside or outside the house.

I have been contacted by someone that has written in the same vein so I thought I would add it to here. Check it out.

Joy Fraser

Reiki Teacher