Every day is a gift.

Do you ever wake up and just be thankful that you can see, hear and smell?  It’s something a lot of us take for granted but all are not as fortunate as us.

Today I went into the garden with my dogs and saw a tiny bunch of snowdrops which have just opened. It is so easy to complain about the cold and the rain but here is a sign that spring is on its way. I then looked around the rest of the garden and could just see some daffodils peaking through the soil. Considering last week all I saw was brick hard ground it shows that things are always growing under the surface.

How about you? Are there  things you are studying- perhaps meditation – that you are struggling with? Does it sometimes feel as if you are fighting against a brick wall? Everyone can learn but it has to be at your own pace. I often tell students that struggle to just slow down when they are on a walk and be mindful of what they are passing in the streets and gardens. This is also a form of Meditation. If you can do this you are on your way. Listen to the sound of birds as you are walking. I love trying to work out what I am hearing. When you concentrate like this you block out all the other sounds around you. You may feel like the plants that are underground trying to push through but they always aim for the light and you should know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel in whatever you do. If you find it easier to meditate with others then look out for the groups around you.

Like the flowers we should all continue to grow in whatever we set out to do. It may be something you do on your own or with others. Give yourself some goals to reach so that you get there in small stages. It’s much easier than looking at a big hurdle to get over. Use your ears and listen to any advice you are given. You do not need to take it but hearing another person’s take on a problem often helps you find an answer to whatever the problem is.The most important thing is not to give up. It may take you longer to get to your destination but you will get there in your own time.

Most of all make sure you have time for whatever you are learning as this is time for you also to grow. I recently had a student that did not have time to practice reiki. She made a conscious decision to reorganise her life so she did have time for it. When you have a gift, you should use it. You cannot learn without making time for yourself. Treat everyday as a gift and enjoy it.

Everyday is a Gift, that’s why they call it the Present. 


Joy Fraser

Usui Reiki Master / Teacher

Edinburgh, Scotland