Get with the programme this summer.

Do you ever feel it’s time to wake up and get with the programme?  I was speaking to someone recently about how they were going to make a social media comeback. It made me think that I needed to increase my blogs as I was letting down those that looked forward to my posts. I think we all have spells of concentrating on different things but letting people find out about your business should be constant.

I have been remiss in blogging this year as I have been spending time on my reiki workshops and of course my lovable dogs. I am loving the amount of people coming forward for reiki workshops this year but more importantly it’s as if everyone is waking from a deep sleep and becoming more spiritual either before or after training in a workshop to become attuned to reiki. The changes that I am seeing in each person are wonderful.

I wrote recently on my Facebook page that as I run small workshops I get to know people in more depth than if I was running larger groups. This is the right way for me to train and word of mouth has attracted more people to me who appreciate my style of training. This way is not right for everyone so check out in advance what way you want to learn. I feel so privileged to be able to continue my journey of learning as I help others start theirs. I learn so much from all my students and am introduced to many new things. I recently found a student to be hiding paintings she had made thinking they were nothing special. All I can say is watch this space. Hopefully in the future she will allow me to share some with you.

As the weather is changing and we have such interchangeable weather from sun one day to rain the next- or both in the same day, I will be spending as much time outdoors as I can from now on but will make sure I keep you all updated. Being outdoors makes me happy and my dogs will agree to that too.

I currently have vegetables growing in my garden and greenhouse for the first  time so it is a race against the slugs to see who wins. I have already been able to share the many plants I have grown from seeds with others  (who needs 50 tomato plants and 30 courgettes?) I would really like to share any vegetables that survive the slugs as well so will be keeping a close eye on them. For all the gardeners out there, why not pay it forward by giving away your extra plants too?

Like me, is there anything you have been putting off until now. If so, get with the programme, whether it’s increasing exercise, going to the gym or just making time for yourselves. We are half way through 2014 already which is a scary thought so time for no more excuses.

If you would like to learn Reiki in Edinburgh or have already started on your journey, I have 2 workshops on in July. Check out my website for more details.