Gratitude In The Moment

Do you ever feel you are running on empty and need to recharge your batteries? It could be you are a busy Mum or Dad, or a Business person but we are really all just the same. It is so easy to get caught up in all we want to do that we never stop to just be in the moment. The word “Want” is interesting though as it does not mean “Need”. We can all wish for something that we would like to have but it may not be important, whereas things we need are. Are you chasing your tail because you want something or need it?

We all need to take time out for ourselves. One of the things we can make time for is to slow down and become aware of all that we are grateful for. This may start out as just a few minutes a day. This does two things for you. When you take it on board that there are good things in your life you will become more contented. Your mind is also an interesting piece of equipment. Your thoughts are energy, so whatever you are thinking about goes out there into the Universe. Imagine if you are thinking “I’m stressed, broke, unhappy, angry, sick”, and that’s all you think about? You are never going to feel better about yourself, and you will keep having the same Mindset as these thoughts will keep coming back to you.

Instead, when you think about all the things you are grateful for, you are filled with happy thoughts. Surprise, surprise, this then makes you happier! The more you are happy for just a few minutes at a time you will find this grows. You may be out walking thinking of things and have a smile on your face. A person may react  to your smile with one of his own and this makes you feel good too. The way you are will always impact on those around you. I make it my mission each day a few times to think of something to make me smile. Having two wonderful dogs around me makes this so easy!

You will find that those that are more contented and less stressed around you are people that take time to appreciate themselves. When you learn to live ” In the moment”, life really does become easier. While you are doing something, try not to think of all the other things you have to do, just concentrate on the task in hand. Just as important though is to remember that you are a person in your own right and you must take time for you! You may be a mother, teacher, doctor or anything else but you matter, and by taking care of yourself this then enables you to do all the others things that you need to action.

I leave you with my grateful thoughts for today. I was checking my website today and was really thankful for all those that have taken the time to give me testimonials for my therapies and teaching. I can feel myself smiling as I think about it.

 It also looks like my daughter will be getting out of hospital after 3 weeks so her family will be so grateful to have Mum and Wife back home again.

Here is your challenge today………

                          WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR?

Joy Fraser
Usui reiki master / teacher