Gratitude through life changes

Do you ever have one of those days when you feel your heart is fit to burst? I had one of those moments this morning. This last week has been full of great things happening, some unexpected , but all moving in the right direction and it’s going to continue in the same way.

When I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed in the evening I always take a few minutes to go over what I am grateful for. This may be the changing seasons, family and friends, my puppies and lots more. Now, sometimes things do not go the way you might expect, but often you may find later that the right thing happened at the right time. Because of this I try hard to find something positive in every situation. I may not always succeed, as just like you, I’m human. This is always work in progress!

I have not always been like this. A few years ago I would have a couple of things go wrong and then wait for the 3rd thing to mess up. I then became involved with reiki and my attitude had a big change. I  read the Secrets of the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer which had a big impact on me and then the Law of Attraction.With these teachers I started to think more positively and also realised that until then I had been a “Poor me” type of person. This comes from the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield which I had also read and would highly recommend. This  is someone that always feels and acts like a victim and always has the guilt trip laid on them that they can never be good enough. I came across this today which is worth a read and explains the different types of people from the book. It is very illuminating.

When you realise that you do not like the type of person you are, you do your best to change and that is what I did. I did not want to be a victim. I wanted to prove myself stronger than that. I have read lots of books to help me evolve and went on to become a reiki teacher. Since then, lots of synchronicity has taken place in my life, leading me to lots of people and events that continue to help me grow. One thing I know is we never stop learning.

 The world is a wonderful place to be at this time with more people coming together as one. We are all showing that we can make change happen worldwide with governments through the power of Social media and we all have so much energy to share with the world. Meditations are taking place and often they include people in many countries meditating for the same purpose all at the same time. Remember that thoughts are actions to attract.  When we all want the same thing, such as peace, we can collectively change world events by coming together. The feelings that you get from doing this are wonderful.

In the last week my Grandson Eamonn (aged 9) has been interviewed twice on local radio and is awaiting his second newspaper interview. You can find out why here as I think what he is doing is fantastic. Feel free to join in with him and give him some encouragement. He is grateful for what he has in his life and is helping others through his project.

 I am going away with my favourite group SPICE  soon for a break and was planning to leave my puppies with a friend (at her request).
In the last few weeks she has taken on a rescue dog which has an infection and  the decision had to be taken not to have the pups to stay with her. On the same evening she advised me of this she told me not to worry. I came home to find another friend was going to look after the pups while she will walk them as they live opposite each other. How amazing is that especially as the other person has a puppy of her own. Talk about gratitude overflowing!

I could talk about gratitude all day especially about the clients I have. I feel that I have come full circle and now try to encourage others to have a positive attitude too. Often this can come about from people finding that the therapies I practice can help control the pain they have or help them combat depression. In fact I am soon to be going into a centre for people with Multiple sclerosis to let them try out my Sun Ancon Chi machines.

What you are grateful for today?  Feel free to tell me in the comments box.

Peace Harmony and Joy