I hope this finds you well and coping with our very unsettled weather both here in the UK and elsewhere.

No one ever becomes an expert at life. We all still learn new things on a daily basis. I recently took part in a Happiness workshop run by Lauren Robertson. She had me looking at something I thought I had resolved long ago but in fact I found it was still in my life. Sometimes we need another person to teach us a way to move forward and that weekend was my lightbulb moment. I am pleased to say that I now have resolved the problem. It was also helped that for 10 days after the workshop the subject came to my attention every day from all different places. When the Universe puts it in your face you just have to sit up and take note.The day was made all the more special as I was also able to have my adult daughter there with me.

I love life even through all its hiccups that we come across and am usually positive about most things but the workshop still made me look at things in a different way. One of the things Lauren asked was how we woke up in the morning. Did we grump and crawl back under the bed covers or did we shout out  ” Hellooooo World!” I realised that I jumped out of bed when my dog was alive but now had problems getting out of bed since October last year when she died. I decided that this needed to change and now find myself the proud owner of 2 puppies. Now I jump out of bed as soon as I hear the first bark in the morning (partly to stop them annoying my neighbours!)   This weekend they have been allowed out so I will also be able to get back to my routine of an early morning walk in the park.

Although I teach people Reiki here in Edinburgh it shows that we all need teachers ongoing in our lives and we should never stop learning. I saw a post recently of a lady in her 80’s going to study at college as she had always wanted to do this. Age was not a barrier for her. This is much better than thinking that you have reached a point in your life that you stagnate. How often do you see people in later years living life to the full but younger ones either sitting in a pub every evening or sitting at home watching television? I know both  kinds of people and can tell you that the happier ones are those that keep on doing things including learning.

I am so lucky in Edinburgh that there is always something going on with many events and workshops to choose from so I can continue with my own self development. Check out what you can join within your local area. You might be surprised at what is on offer. One club I am a member of is SPICE. In fact I am running a Reiki workshop for Spice Scotland on Saturday May 18th 2013 here in Edinburgh. With Spice you get to try out all different types of events all across the UK. It is also where I initialy met Lauren too so you get to meet many people through the club.

My  wish for everyone reading this is to have a look at their lives and see if change is needed. Then see how you can make this happen. Everybody deserves to be happy and you CAN make it happen. It may not be immediate but you can take the steps one at a time to reach your goal of feeling fulfilled. It’s up to you to choose where to start.

One of the things I like in my life is how synchronicity keeps happening. I just realised Laurens Blog that she posted  minutes ago on Facebook is on Happiness so I am off to read it now! Have a contented and happy life everyone.