Having The Confidence To Change

I was reading today about people leaving their jobs and feeling lost as they left workmates behind.  The main thing that I took on board was to make sure you have a life outside work. Those who do many events with workmates can feel more adrift after leaving that workplace. Work should not be all your life is about. It is to pay for you to have a life.

I was sitting in my garden reading this and saw a plant which made me think. Do you feel you are in the wrong place? My plant was planted 22 years ago and never flourished until it was finally moved last year by my wonderful neighbour Billy. Look at it now with all the new growth on it.

If you feel stunted where you are then open your eyes. Life is all about change. Perhaps it’s time for you to make a move. Don’t feel you have to stay in a stuck situation where you do not feel happy. If you cannot make a move now, then start to put things in place so you can plan for your future. Learn to do things that will make you happy outside of work too. I’m always amazed at how many people retire and have nothing to do as work was always their life. If you are moving to a new city in the UK I would highly recommend SPICE UK for making new and long term friends.

Joy Fraser
UK Reiki Federation Master / Teacher