Healthy Lifestyle equals Happy families

A couple of weeks ago I had been planting vegetable seeds ( a bit late I know). I’ve now been bitten by the bug again and have ordered more. There is nothing like growing your own food, especially knowing that no chemicals have been added to it. It made me think of the health issues so many people have that would not have been around as much 20 years ago.  Why do you think that is?

I think it is made up in many parts. A big part is what we eat and breathe. People also do not seem as able to cope with stress. A little stress is good for us but life seems so much more stressful for many people. Lack of exercise is another problem as we have children spending time on games machines and adults who are couch potatoes. What would you do to change things?

I would start with making sure that what we and our children eat is in fact good for them. Research where your food comes from, what additives and chemicals may have been added to them and if they have been genetically modified in any way. Stop giving sugary drinks or low calorie drinks with Aspartame.  Make sure fruit and vegetables are eaten. You can hide these if required in juices. Get yourself a blender. Bananas and milk (preferably plant based such as almond milk) make a great milkshake. Compare that to shop bought with sugar, stabilisers and preservatives added. Check this out. Getting children to eat vegetables

Get the family outside to enjoy a walk or a cycle ride. Get into the country, if possible, away from all the vehicle pollutants. Take the family fishing or swimming. There is something outdoors to suit everyone. Often families nowadays have both parents working or you may be part of a single parent family. It’s so easy to tell the children to go and play a game while you have to do another chore in the house. A much better idea is to get the children to help with the chores then all head out for some fresh air at least a couple of times a week. There is of course the gym and swimming pools for the days when the weather is bad.

 Stress comes from many different areas of our our  lives. It could be caused by work, finances, health or the way we think. I remember years ago my team at work were getting stressed learning a new software programme. As we were training in groups I had not yet started learning. At the time I had been listening to Wayne Dyers The Secrets of the Power of Intention CD. I would highly recommend it. I advised them to try and think of it as lasting just a few hours and that they would then move on when they went home. This was instead of continually saying how much they hated it. After a few days a couple of them told me it really worked and they were no longer stressed. It just took a different way of looking at a situation. I had to remember this when it was my time to go through the training!

If you are on your own even taking a stroll in a local park would be good. Just taking time to sit in nature hearing the sounds of the birds is a great stress reliever. Another way to de-stress is to meditate. You tube has loads of videos. One of my favourite ways apart from cuddling my dogs is to put on  a few hours of meditation / reiki music in the background of whatever I’m doing. Of course I can’t leave out the wonderful world of reiki itself. It is fantastic for relaxation and taking worries away. You can either go for a session with someone or take it to the next level and learn for yourselves.

Can I suggest you take a look at your life and see if changes need to happen? It may be to review what you are eating or if you are exercising enough. Remember too that what we teach our children is with them for life. Why not teach them to grow their own vegetables? That way they can see the cycle of the vegetables being grown to eat rather than thinking they just come from a shop. Starting them with a healthy lifestyle is one of the best gifts we can give them.

Joy Fraser
Reiki Master /Teacher in Edinburgh Scotland