Helping Others Worse Off Than Ourselves

Today I am not at work as I have done my Back in. It has not done that for 2 years, which I am grateful for. It made me think that at least I can access painkillers and stretch out on a bed if required. I also have electricity to plug in my Sun Ancon Chi machine. Others are not so fortunate. Imagine those that are living on the streets with no money or fixed abode to get help when they need it? Imagine also how cold they are with Winter arriving.

Christmas and the Holiday season has landed. We are all thinking about what to buy for those we know. Usually, instead of sending cards to people, I buy something through Unicef to help the third world. I am a great believer that the majority of cards end up in landfill and it is such a waste.

This year, instead, I am helping my Grandson Eamonn who is 13 years of age to help the Homeless in Edinburgh. We are going to gather as much money as we can to help buy gloves, scarfs and hats for those on the streets.  Edinburgh is doing a lot to help the homeless but there are others out there that  for whatever reason cannot live with a roof over them. It may be due to PTSD or mental health issues. Eamonn at aged 10 raised hundreds of pounds for his local Foodbank at the Trussell Trust in East Lothian so I would love for us all to get behind him with this initiative.

Can I ask if you can spare any change to help the homeless that you add to my Go Fund Me fundraiser please. I did mention Indigogo on the video but found they were taking too much off in charges. Every donation, no matter how small will help. I have started it off.

Every day I feel grateful for my life (even with Back pain) but feel that if we  Pay it forward to help others it can help us all learn to have more Gratitude in our lives. Here is the link I have also decided that from any reiki workshops booked with me for next year before 31.12.2017, I will donate 10%

 You can also help by giving direct to the people on the streets as well in your locality. I would love to know what you are all doing to help others this year.