How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace

This is what I posted on Facebook this week and thought I would expand on it a little.
“I was looking at my Blog stats today and saw that someone had accessed a blog from 2015. After reading it I had a lightbulb moment. At work I have headphones on and often don’t hear those around me. It has become a joke that I don’t hear being advised to come off the phones lol. My blog was all about Mindful Meditation and how you can cut out sound around you and just hear the sounds of nature. I realised that when I am at work I cut off from the noise around me and concentrate on listening to the person at the other end of the phone. I have trained my brain to cut out the waffle going on around me and concentrate on what is really important. See, Meditation really does help you, unless you are meant to be getting a break from work!”

It made me think about all the people who are stressed at work. This may be to do with work or their personal circumstances. If you are an employee what would you like your employer to put in place? If you are an Employer what steps have you implemented to reduce stress in the workplace?

I remember taking my Sun Ancon chi machines into Scottish Gas for a Health and Wellbeing day. People were given an hour or so off the phones and usually it was held on a bank holiday. This then gave them the opportunity to walk around stalls to see if there was anything that could help them. With the Chi machine staff would lie on the floor for 10 mins time out and it made such a difference to their day. One of the comments was  “Why can we not have this here permanently? After a call with an angry customer we could have 10 minutes on the chi machine and feel both de-stressed and re- energised.

All workplaces need to do is get staff away from their desks for a period of time. This may be during a team time when people can discuss their concerns or just having a safe place for someone to go when they need time out.  Considering the things that are going on in the world at this time it is so easy to reach breaking point especially if your work or home life is stressful too. This can involve people going off sick and we all know that where mental health is concerned, the longer  you are off work, the harder it is to go back into the work environment.

If you are an employer think about what you can do to help. How about arranging someone to come and teach meditation to your workforce?  We are starting to see this taking place with children in schools. This will help them grow up with coping skills but many adults have never been taught this. You have an opportunity to change this and also help your business reduce sick leave at the same time. Remember, if you have happy staff you will have happier customers too.

If you are an employee and don’t have an understanding employer check out what you can access yourself. Meditation, reiki and massage are a few things that can help you feel calm and relaxed. You can even go on YouTube and learn to TAP.  I am sure you can find Practitioners in your area to visit. Even if you go for a walk in nature for 30 mins you will feel better for doing this.

EMPLOYERS EVERYWHERE PLEASE WAKE UP. Treat your staff well and see them become more productive too!