How to spread positivity far and wide

I have had a website for a few years without knowing what I was doing with it. Initially it was built to stop a friend who kept telling me that there was a reason everyone would start talking about reiki  around me and I should set up a website so I said I would take action to get one built. I remember saying that I would not promote it as everyone who was meant to come my way would find me anyway. Things have moved on since those days.

 Eventually I knew that I wanted to promote my reiki workshops  and therapy sessions but did not know how to take it forward. I had learned that I wanted more people to become aware of what help there was available for their health and wellbeing. A great friend had built my first one as a favour and it was only her second website. It was fantastic but we only added  a few basic tag words on the site. I then had a foreign language student a few years later who redid it but never felt that it was right after that so decided to take some action. By this point I also wanted to let more people know about the Sun Ancon Chi machine that had come into my life. I had such a response from using it that I wanted more people to have the same opportunity to relieve their pain.

A couple of years ago I signed up on a beginners web design course. My idea was if I could get someone to re design my site I would then understand what needed done to keep it all updated. It started well with the lecturer talking a lot about Photoshop but by week 5 I felt things going over my head a bit. Just when I was starting to struggle with the course I was asked if I would like a website built for me by a friend of my Son. Of course I jumped at it and have never looked back but I learned so much more than I had ever known during the process of it being built.  I am a great believer in Synchronicity and each time I needed a website built the right person at the time came forward without me asking!

Until then I had only used Google for finding information on the web as a search engine but did not know what else it could do. I was then advised that if people liked my website they could click on the google plus icon at the bottom of the page and this would increase my visability on the world wide web. I have been very remiss in passing this information to friends so if you would like to help me out in this I would love you to click on the google + icon at the bottom of the home page for me.

I also learned about Google Places and have had some lovely reviews added to it. Then facebook and Twitter came into my life. Facebook started off as a business profile and then I made a Facebook page. I can honestly say this felt as if it opened up the world to me. I was suddenly connecting with friends and making new friends in many countries. It is also a great place for networking and finding out lots of information that can help you in business. In fact I met a wonderful lady who helped me immensly and talked me through lots of things to do with using the internet.Through her I also came in contact with lots of people that I look up to and have learned from. I have in fact found facebook very addictive as it is full of so much positive inspiration.

I find that Twitter has been harder for me due to the lack of space for writing but I am gradually becoming more comfortable using it.  One of the things about social networking is how fast things change and I know I am not keeping up with it all. This is why many people have experts that they pay to run their sites. I am lucky to have my Son who tells me when I should be doing something important.

I was introduced to Ezine articles and wrote a few posts for them and then went on to open a Blog first on my website and now on which is linked to my website. Blogger is owned by Google so as you see it is more than a search engine! In fact I am just becoming involved in Google plus circles so if you would like to add me please do. It is not always business that I blog about. I like to talk  also about events in my life and how each change can help me. Talking only about business all the time can put some people off.

The latest kid on the block is Pinterest and I hold my hands up that this has had my least attention so far. Note to self “This has to change!” When it first came out I like many others though it was just for sharing photos but it is so much more than that. You can even sell your products on Pinterest. Also if you link your photo’s to your website this will give you more traffic to your site.

Of course with all the social networking sites you need to remember that once you put it out on the world wide web it stays there. It could be retweeted or shared anywhere in the world so you have to be careful what you put out there. Always be professional and do not do or say anything that could lead you into hot water with either people or other companies. I like to put out lots of positive thoughts and pictures so usually make sure it is alright to share others work on my pages as you also need to be aware of copyright.

When you see what I have touched on, this is only a tiny amount of the places where you can highlight your work. I also add any of my reiki workshops on therapy sites and Gumtree. This often shows up if I type my name or company name into google and I am amazed at how many times it finds events that I have run in the past or am running in the near future. You can easily see how this can become a full time job updating all the sites.

As well as all the above your website needs to have enough information in it to be found on the web. A good SEO expert can help you with this. I have recently had 2 orders from The United Arab Emirates for the Sun Ancon Chi machine that I am a distributor for. I love the fact  people that far away can find me. Who knows if it was one of the above sites that they found me through or another that I have not mentioned but I know that I will never be finished writing and promoting my products. The more I put into the web the more I get back in return from it.

I love my work and want to spread the word about what Reiki and the Sun Ancon chi machine can do to help others. In fact today I have been advised that someone is visiting Scotland from Australia and she is unable to bring her Chi machine with her but cannot do without it so wishes to pay me a visit while she is here. I often feel that way if I am on holiday . Luckily most of my breaks are in the UK so it’s easy to take the Chi machine with me as it’s portable.Of course with reiki I need no equipment as it is with me always.

I will keep on blogging and telling people how they can help themselves and if you are reading this then feel free to have a look at the links on this page and join me on any of the sites I have mentioned. Let me help you to increase positivity into your life.

I wish you prosperity and happiness in reaching your goals.

I am a Reiki Master / Teacher member of the  UK Reiki Federation in Edinburgh, Scotland