Isn’t synchronicity wonderful

As time goes by I notice more and more synchronicity in my life. On my Facebook page recently I wrote about looking to join a gym so that I could go swimming but wished to test it out before joining. I had put an advertisement about my Chi machines in a local magazine called The Trinity Spotlight which had just been published. It also had an advert in it for a local gym. On seeing this I checked out another gym and saw that there was a special offer of 12 days for £12. I got the deal for £5 as I had been a previous member. I’m pleased to say that it is going well.

A few months ago I was going to sign up for an internet coaching package which was a good deal but I decided that I would only be able to go for it if the price was halved. Today I got news that it has been decreased by not 50% but 75%!

This comes on top of so many things which have happened that I realised something today. When I have wished for something I did not keep thinking about them. I gave up my thoughts to the universe that if something was the right thing for me that it would happen so I should not be surprised that it keeps happening.

Sometimes we can get so hung up on wanting something. All the universe hears is you’ve not got something so this continues to attract you not getting it. By changing your thoughts and thinking positively that it will be yours if it is right for you this reverses the flow. Help yourself now and remove the word want from your vocabulary.

The Heron knows that he will be provided for. Admittedly he sits and watches but he knows his food is there and he takes the time watching for this to make it’s appearance. We should do the same and know that what is meant for us will come to us but not be in too much of a hurry. Just remember to put positive thoughts out their and watch synchronicity enter your life too.