It’s Time To Share A New Way Of Living

I hope this finds you all well. I know that the last few months have brought about many changes for us all. Some have caught the virus and are still recovering from it. Some have been, and still are, furloughed but may also have lost their jobs. Many have had a shock and decided not to rely on anyone except themselves and have gone into business for themselves. This may have been a dream for a long time and they have now been pushed as a way of earning an income. If you are in this situation there is help out there. You could speak with Business Gateway or the Federation of small businesses. They can then point you in the right direction. Others may have found that after many years of running their own businesses, Covid has shut it down for good. One good point is the chance to spend more time with our families and the gardens have never looked so good!

I have seen many people starting with Multi Level Marketing during this time too, so when the time came for me to find a second income, I looked around. I struggled to find any that I felt I could support and then remembered something I had seen at a vegan fayre.  I found someone with this product and I am pleased to say withing 30 minutes of using it, I not only knew I could get onboard and tell anyone that would listen, but I also changed my life! I found Enjo, where I could clean my home, my body and my animals with only fibres and water! I was amazed at how fast I cleaned my home. On top of that I looked on the back of my cleaning fluids and was shocked. How can we pour these all down our drains when they state they are harmful to aquatic life?

Even better I realised one of my dogs was not getting breathless. He had improved by 99%. This was down to no chemicals on the floor. Interestingly, once the grass verges were treated with weedkiller by the council, his breathing played up outside. This made me aware how affected he was by chemicals. It got me thinking about people and children in their homes. So many have asthma, psoriasis, eczema and more. I saw a photo of a girl with psoriasis before and after using Enjo on the bath and home. Her skin had cleared once her mum removed chemicals from the home. Could this be your home, filled with chemicals? Not only is cleaning with Enjo faster, it also saves you money, it is healthier and sooooo much better for the environment. Even better the fibres clean 6 x better than traditional chemicals!

In these days of digital technology, I am running zoom demonstrations of using Enjo in your rooms. If you are interested in learning more, get in touch with me. If you host with a few friends you can even get money off. You can  find my Enjo page on Facebook here.


For an introduction to Enjo, you can purchase this special September offer, through me. No postage costs either.

For the month of September, you can even join the business at a reduced price of £49!