Less sleep = More productivity

I’m writing this blog today after being awake for what feels like half of the night. What is that all about! After tossing and turning I went on the internet then decided to try again to get to sleep but the problem was I did not feel at all tired. After a bit more of trying to make myself feel tired I gave up but was still not ready to leave my bed so decided there must be a reason to be awake at 4am.

Thinking back I had hurt my back on Saturday and did not sleep well that night so on Sunday I had made up for it and slept till about 10.30 am yesterday. Now I had my answer but what to do with my time? Well I put it to good use. First I made myself comfortable and gave myself some reiki followed by some stretching exercises. I then did some writing.  Usually I have background music on but today it was just silence and the words just flowed.

Now that I am up the Chi machine has come out so I feel nice and relaxed with the pain lessening in my back. This is good before I sit at a desk for the day. I will probably need to use it again at lunchtime to enable me to work all day. This is why it’s good to have my own Sun ancon Chi machine. It’s always available when I need it. To get more information about the Chi machine check it here:

For me this week has been about thinking of others. I donated items to a good cause that my friend Donna from the Now Rest Cafe is organising. If you live in Edinburgh she would love something for the older people in Leith such as Gloves, smellies, hot waterbottles etc. You can find her on Facebook here: I have also paid to Oxfam unwrapped to buy a gift for the third world for a way to make energy which ties in with my day job. I realise how lucky I am to live in a country where it is supplied for me.

Time is speeding up with Christmas getting nearer. I am sure everyone hopes they get something nice but please remember to help others too.

I am sure tonight my sleeping pattern will be back to normal but at least I have had a productive morning. Have a great day everyone.