Let The Light Through.

The world can easily feel like a dark place with all that’s going on in it. Although I have not watched or listened to the news or read newspapers for a couple of years, I still get bombarded with it through social media.When we see and hear things like murders, accidents and generally anything that does not put a smile on our faces it can pull us down and we can get lost in thinking the world is a bad place to be. This is not really true but the media puts the fear into us. You may notice they are not so good at promoting all the great things that happen. I see things every day from  children- yes children- inventing brilliant medical advances and ways to help the third world. It’s always best to try and concentrate more on the good things in life rather than the bad as you will have a happier life. It’s okay though to have off days too as we are human after all.

Of course you can feel down in others ways too. This may be due to  health or other factors. This week I shocked myself with how upset and frustrated I found myself at a situation, which is not like me. The answer to calm myself down was to come home, have a cuddle from my dogs then go and sit down for an hour, while I gave myself reiki. After this I finally felt able to relax after a very stressful day. We all have to find our own coping mechanisms for when we get stressed. Holding it too close to us is what can make you unwell. Have a think about what you do to remove stress from your life.

I got out of bed the next day and decided that although the situation was ongoing I was not going to let it affect me the same way. In fact I posted this picture on my Facebook page.

I walked my dogs in the morning and realised it was light. When did that happen I thought to myself. Isn’t it funny how you can be around something without even noticing it? I also realised when I came home that evening that it was light too. When you both leave for work and return in darkness the days always seem so short so it is good to see it again from the other side. This also helps people who are depressed or have SAD ( Seasonal  Affective Disorder). During the Winter I see more depressed people coming for reiki than throughout the rest of the year. I came home and the first thing I thought of was walking the dogs and enjoying the daylight. I then started to plan my exercise program as it’s not much fun to walk in the dark. Maybe the universe did not want me moving so fast as that day I also put my foot in a pothole in a car park and twisted my ankle but I will get there.

I find it also depends on who you have in your circle what type of mood you can be in. If you are with someone who is in a bad mood or feeling sorry for themselves it can lower your vibrations if you allow this to happen. Yes we can all be down at some time but  hopefully with the right people around you it will not be for long. In fact this week when I had my hiccup, someone who I taught about Positive thinking was the one that nudged me in the right direction. That was good for me seeing how much she had grown!

The light days show that spring is here so I’m now looking forward to all the things I can do with the extended sunlight. Isn’t it interesting that it feels like there are more hours in the day when it’s light? It’s really just the same 24 hours in a day but it is how we use them that make us feel more content. I’m sending you all Love and Light and hope you too are making plans to help you enjoy life more.

Joy Fraser
UK Reiki Federation Master / Teacher