Life is for LIVING

I am sitting here with my door to the garden open knowing shortly that it will get closed as the temperature drops. It is starting to feel Autumnal here in Edinburgh first thing in the morning and in the last couple of evenings.Soon it will be getting darker earlier and for a lot of people that is when they curl up in a warm house and hibernate for the winter. It is also when a lot of people stop exercising as much, then the aches and pains set in.

Now is the time to be thinking what you can get in for the coming weeks to keep you on the go rather than becoming a couch potato. It may be you can use a Rebounder or a Wii if you have one. If not, a skipping rope may do, or you can do the simplest thing and continue with your walking  As it gets darker just remember to take precautions if you are outside on your own..You could also get together with friends for a game of tennis or badminton and perhaps set it up as a weekly occurrence.

Whether it is inside or outside the house the most important thing is to move rather than sit in front of the TV. You will get more pleasure from a sense of wellbeing if you take exercise and you will certainly sleep better.

We must of course remember those that are unable to exercise such as the elderly or people with physical problems. If you know anyone in these categories make sure you help them through the colder, darker weather. It is too easy for them to become isolated if they are left on their own. You can visit them or take them out for a journey in the car, even if just to do some shopping.

One thing about a dog is it makes you go out whatever the weather or time of year so mine will keep me socialising with people during our walks as well as taking exercise. I also have my Sun Ancon Chi machine which after 15 minutes gives me the equivalent in oxygen benefits as 90 minutes of brisk walking. I love walking the dog and then using the machine after this. It makes me feel so alive and energetic.

If you know anyone that could do with some help to exercise without putting any strain on their body you can find out all about the Sun Ancon Chi Machine  here.

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