Living In The Moment

Today I was walking beside work and saw brown leaves falling from the trees. These are the first I have seen that shows that Autumn is on it’s way. We are almost three quarters of the way through 2018 and for most of us it has gone quickly. This year I decided not to have any New Year Resolutions. I often find we break them quite quickly anyway. I decided instead that I would take the year as it came and enjoy doing what I do. Now you may think that is not good enough, but so many opportunities came my way and I feel that I have done more this year than in previous years.

Sometimes when we put ourselves under pressure to do or not do a specific thing, all that happens is we feel weak and that we have let ourselves down, when something stops us taking the action. Instead, if your aim was to lose weight for instance, you may find doing things on the spur of the moment and being happy will do one of two things. It will either stop you worrying about your weight because you are out and about enjoying yourself and having fun, or because you are out rather than sitting at home binge eating, the weight will come off.

As we get closer to the end of the year, learn to live in the moment and accept invitations that come your way. We only have one life so enjoy it rather than worrying about changing yourself.  The trees, live and shed automatically, just as you do. The only difference is everyone can see this. With yourself, only you need to be aware of the internal changes that come from being happy. One point to take from the trees is they change throughout the year and bend with the wind. Change is good -so don’t stay stuck in one state. Embrace any opportunities that arise and enjoy life.

Here is a good song to listen to Living in the moment.

Joy Fraser
Usui reiki Master / Teacher