Living your life with Gratitude

I have recently had the Bon Jovi song “It’s my Life”  going round in my head. Check out the lyrics here. It talks about living while you are alive. It made me think how many people go through day to day just existing rather than living.

Do you have a job you go to that feels not right for you? Are you there just to pay the bills or because you like working there? Do you  go to work then come home and vegetate? Would you call this living while you are alive? I certainly don’t think so. Life has to have some sparkle to it both in and out of employment.

There may be some of you reading this who are unemployed and may feel you just have to get through each day as everyday feels the same, perhaps without much hope depending on where you live. You all have the choice to make changes. It’s up to you if you choose to do something about it.
If you look around there is so much more out there for you to use your time wisely.

There are many charities needing help and there are many organisations set up for whatever you like doing. It could be music, sports, films and so much more.  Search and you will find something to do that will make you happy. If you feel down check out all the pages on the internet starting with the words Positive or Grateful. They both actually go together. The more grateful you are for things in your life, the more positive you become.  Remember also that your thoughts attract so being positive will start aligning you with more positive things coming your way.

I am lucky to enjoy the people that I deal with in my work but I also make sure I have a life outside it. One of my students Beata Dziameka tonight posted an awesome photo taken locally that took my breath away(see the top of this blog). Isn’t nature wonderful? We can’t always be in the right place at the right time but through social media we can see it through someone else’s eyes.I love seeing wonderful posts from across the world but for me it’s more spectacular to be able to see things closer to home. I am so lucky to live in a city that has sea, hills, parks and lots of green spaces so there are always places to go that make me feel good. I remember years ago when I was in a darker place that I would go to the same sea as above and sit in the car for 30 minutes.  When I returned home I was always in a different frame of mind.

We are now in a world that we have distressing things thrown at us on TV, Newspapers, Radio and just about wherever we go. All of this pulls our vibrations down so it is good to look out for things to raise it too, We all need balance. This wonderful little girl was brought to my attention this week. Just listening to her will raise anyone’s emotions.

As Bon Jovi say “We are not going to live forever”. It’s your life so make sure you enjoy it while you are here.

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Joy Fraser
Reiki Master / Teacher
Edinburgh, Scotland