Loving the Flow of Life

I hope this finds you all well.  I am on an exciting journey. Not only have I moved house but I also have another business too. Reiki is of course the love of my life. I am passionate about how it helps everyone.  My new business as an Enjo Consultant works alongside this. I very quickly became passionate about this too. In fact since May 2020 I have used no chemicals in my house to clean it. Whats even better is it’s so fast to clean as well as things staying cleaner longer. One thing I’m very grateful to is the Window system. As I am living in a new build with building still going on around me, (in fact they are currently just behind my garden fence), the windows are frequently getting mucky. Imagine paying for a window cleaner, only to find 2 days later, it is just as dirty!

Now when I moved here I thought I might need to get a cleaner as well as a new window cleaner. Thanks to Enjo that has not happened. I can clean my windows, inside and out in such a short time, plus with the products I can do things like clean inside baths and wash floors without bending. That is great for my back too. The floors dry so fast as well. Here is my shop

I have had lovely feedback on my book The Power of Reiki, Crystals and Synchronicity which can be purchased on Amazon. If you have read it I would love more reviews please.

My next reiki workshops are updated on my website. They will only be for 4 people at this time.  Check them out here.

To book a reiki or Infrared session, please contact me first to arrange a date before booking on my website. I now have an electric therapy couch so if you struggle  to climb on one, it will not be an issue.

If you would like a demonstration of Enjo over Zoom or if you are close by, we can do so in person, get in touch with me.