Music is the food of life

I came across a photo today and thought how happy music can make us all. I was visiting someone today who was playing music of the 90’s and as each song came on it brought back many happy memories for me.

I grew up with music in the house and also at school where we had both music and folk clubs and I remember hanging out with the music teachers who installed such a love of all things musical to me. I remember how the sounds of music filled my house when family and friends were practising both singing and playing musical instruments. Thinking back I now feel sorry for the neighbours!

It made me also think how many times you are thinking of someone when a special piece of music comes on that relates in your mind to them also. This has happened many times to me. It may be that I am thinking about a friend in trouble and Friends will be friends by Queen will come on. It is as if the universe lets us know that we are being helped and comforted too.

Whatever emotion we are feeling you can always find a piece of music to go with it. I’m also sure many people have done the same as me by going on to You tube to listen to a song and then clicking on song after song reliving memories. The power of the word can be very strong but sometimes the melodies blow you away too.

Last night on the Xfactor was a girl of only 16 that had been writing songs since she was 13. I think she will go far as she can put so much meaning into both her words and music. This is the key to a good composer.

Just talking about music has made me log on to you tube so I am now going to enjoy myself. I can easily do without television and all the negativity you see and hear but I could not do without my music fix.