New author on the block

I’ve just done what it says on the title. I can now call myself an author! For many years I have kept a note of the numerous instances of synchronicity in my life. I’m sure if I had written them all down, the book would be at least twice its size. I almost feel like I should be starting all over again! If you have been in my life, you may find yourself reading about you!

What’s even funnier is two things that happened today. I was reading a book and came across these words ” Welcome to Reiki One. I’m Natalie, your Reiki Master, and I will be taking you on your first journey within Reiki” I had just been sorting out my paperwork for a reiki one workshop. I then went and watched a video on how, if a child is having a strop, we should come down to their level and tell them it’s all okay and we still love them. I later went back to the book and the same story was being actioned in it. The mother bent down to her daughter’s level and said “I love you, Meg, Even when you get cross, and even if I shout, I still love you. I always will. Do you understand?’ Synchronicity is wonderful and that’s why I have filled a book with it. Many times now, people will come to me and start with the words” You will never believe what happened. Of course you will!” If things are meant to happen in our lives, then they will, even if we don’t expect them to.

My book talks about reiki, crystals, animal communication, the Sun Ancon chi machine and all the synchronicities that pull them together. You can either download the ebook or request a paper book.

ebook The Power of Reiki, Crystals and Synchronicity

Paper Copy The Power of Reiki, Crystals and Synchronicity

I would love to hear if my words resonate with you and of any synchronicities you have had.

Joy Fraser

Usui Reiki Master / Teacher