Now Is The Time To Spring Into Action!

Today I was out walking my dogs and a thought came to me. Now is the time the buds are growing on the trees and the bulbs are popping up through the ground although some are already in flower.  I thought what makes them different to us? Come New Years day people think of their New Year resolutions. For the first time ever I made none this year! By this time – March- most have fallen by the wayside. We all seem fired up in the beginning then life takes over and we go back to our bad habits.

Take the plants as they build up their energy in the ground throughout the winter and slowly pop their stalks above the ground as the temperature slowly rises.  I think though that this year and the last couple, both plants and people are being confused with the seasons. Once the stalks are up you see the buds getting bigger before they split open to present their colourful flowers. This can take weeks from when they first appear out of the ground. Sometimes we are lucky that after they have flowered, many weeks later they can flower again or they may do this continuously until they are spent.

Perhaps we are too quick to put things into action when it is still Winter. This is when we would rather keep warm in the house and have our comfort food. Most people don’t really want to go to gyms when it’s freezing outside. Instead if we put it off till now we are more likely to exercise outside as we can now walk in daylight. It’s also light when we come home that makes us feel like going out perhaps to the gym or for another walk. Could it be the plants have a better way of working it out?

Now is the time to build up your strength slowly. Don’t rush out to do a Marathon, just increase your exercise a little day by day. Imagine, like the flowers, you feeling accomplished and more healthy as time goes by. Now is the time to help yourself as we all know how quickly time passes. You don’t want to be stuck having done nothing when Winter comes around again, do you?

For those of you near Edinburgh, if you have not exercised due to health and need help contact me for information on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Details can be found on my website.

Joy Fraser
Reiki Master / Teacher