Past and present thoughts

I am pleased to say that hopefully this week I will have back the DVDs to show how children can use the Sun Ancon Chi machine. I had a problem that I could not upload them to my computer from the camcorder so now a shop will be doing this for me. I will be uploading them onto my facebook page here.  Please feel free to like it so you will get an update when I post them.

As I have decided to get a new camcorder I thought I had better look out all the tapes that I had and get them converted to DVD at the same time. I came across a couple that put a smile on my face. One was my friends wedding and another was a Caribbean holiday that I had with my daughter many years ago. Another one was a friend with Sciatica on the Sun Ancon Chi machine telling me as it was helping him so he should be using it more.  The thought of taking a duck to water came into my mind when I heard this!It’s amazing what we record and then forget about so I’m looking forward to watching them on my computer when I get them back.

Life for me this month is moving so fast that I decided today would be my day for time out as we all need that. I have so far been for a walk in the park watching all the trees change colour and saw that the little signets I saw at the beginning of summer have all grown up to be almost the same size as the adults. I’m glad our children do not grow that fast. At least the swans do not have to clothe their young.

I will have a little work related event today when someone comes to see if the Chi machine can help them but that never feels like work to me. I just love being able to put a smile on people’s face when they find there is help out their for chronic conditions.

Whatever you are doing today I hope it is enjoyable. If you are unable to have time out for yourself  today then make sure you have it another day during the week. It does not have to be a full day- it may even just be a couple of hours but it is important for your health and well being.