I was just filling in a questionaire about my business. It really made me think what I was doing with it. I will explain what I mean by that. Reiki to me is my life but when I started down this journey, I remember saying to my teacher at first  that I was never going to treat another person. Instead I was doing it just for me. Of course that did not happen lol.

The next stage, when I trained to Teacher level, I again said this was just for me. I also said I would train 1 person only, which was my daughter. I remember him laughing at me as he just said “Watch this space!” So you see, I never meant to make reiki my business. For me it was a way to change my life for the better. The energy has a way of making things happen. Not only did I train my daughter, but I also trained her husband plus two of my Grandchildren! 

First after level 2 I was asked to work in a therapy shop at weekends and I found I loved working with people. Then about 9 months after teacher level training I was telling a group of people where they could train in Glasgow when a friend asked what about me? She also said the last 3 times she was out with me people started talking about reiki. Was that not a sign? I agreed to get a website built but said I would not advertise, as if it was meant to happen that I got business through it then I would.

Next a friend came to visit and built me a website. My first very own site. I was so proud of it and her for making it for me. Within the space of a week I had people requesting all stages of training! I still was not confident so agreed to go and have coffee with someone through the Free economy website. She wanted to talk about reiki and eventually asked if I would train her. No money changed hands but after that workshop, not only was she trained but I felt super confident in teaching!

The rest, as they say, is history. It became a hobby that I did for love. Gradually it became a part time business. I found I love teaching small groups of people about reiki and how it can help their lives change as it did for me. For something that I learned orginally to help myself, I am so grateful for how many others lives I have touched through the years. If you have either been trained in reiki or had a therapy session from me, I want to thank you all for being in my life. Wow. I feel so emotional now.