RIP Misty

I feel the need tonight to give my wonderful dog the send off she so deserves. Misty was my Spaniel / labrador who had been in my life for all of her 12 years. She was so special and a great gift to me.

I remember going to the Edinburgh cat and Dog home and seeing a litter of puppies. All were short haired apart from one long haired pup that I fell in love with. I asked if I could pay for her and then nip out to buy something to transport her in the car to get home. I know it would not happen now but I was told to put her on the floor at the passenger side of my car. Imagine driving home with this 6 week pup trying to climb over my gearstick! I then got home, placed her in a laundry basket and drove to the pet shop.

Misty was brought up with children of all ages (as I childminded) and loved them. Two of my parents at the time said she was their adopted family dog too as they thought it wonderful to have their babies grow up with a dog. I often had to control her in the park until I made sure the children or their parents were not afraid of dogs as she loved everyone so much. She had the gentlest temperament that everyone loved especially me. I would get so many cuddles from her when I came home from work.

They say having an animal to stroke de stresses you and I totally agree with that. I will miss being able to do that. Misty only became nervous with firework bangs but I found Reiki helped her relax that she would  snore right through them.

I truly believe that Misty saw things that others could not. She would often stare into a point in the room- usually up high and could not be distracted. I have photos taken by a friend of Orbs around her. I think she was a very spiritual dog.

Last weekend she was staying with my Daughter when we found she had a problem. I arranged a visit to the vet on Monday thinking it was nothing serious. After a couple of tests I took her for a scan on Wednesday when they discovered a large tumour. After speaking to the vet last night it was decided not to operate and I was to take her on Monday to leave this earth. Things deteriorated today and it was decided to bring it forward. I give thanks that my Daughter was able to do this for me and she advised me it was instantaneous and Misty was very relaxed. The vet also advised it was obvious the tumour had spread. My 4 year old Granddaughter wanted to have super powers to save her but I think all the cuddles Misty received were powerful enough.

I am feeling sad tonight but I feel happy at all the wonderful times my companion gave me. I am pleased that although the tumour has been growing for some time neither I or Misty was aware of it and that she will not need to go through anything now.

Tonight she will be with all the Spirits that she has been looking at from down here. We are all made of energy and I am sure we will still be connected. May you rest in peace Misty. Thank you for being a great friend.

Here she is looking like 2 separate dogs.It just shows what a good haircut can do.