Say No to Dakota access pipeline

Today I went out of my comfort zone. I raised my first ever campaign. I felt so strongly about what is happening to the Indians in Dakota and felt I needed to do more. I would also ask that you to sign and share this if  you can. If it does not allow you to sign outside the UK why not replicate it and send it to your Foreign affairs minister like me. If you live in America you can send direct to your President.

We must have respect for the water that supplies millions of people including the Indians on the reservations. They way they are being treated is against humanity. Some were put in cages and numbers were put on their bodies. Does this remind you of another time? It certainly does for me.

The latest is President Obama says they will investigate rerouting which sounds great until you hear he will let it play for several weeks! This is why it is urgent as violence is escalating against the peaceful protestors.