Sometimes Life Throws You A Curved Ball

Sometimes life throws us a curved ball which makes us take a look at where we are. I was recently off work due to hurting my back. When I returned to work it was obvious that my back was not up to sitting in a chair all day. Due to this I decided to leave work and my last day will be on 31st December 2018. I will start 2019 in a totally different place as I have decided to become a Full time Therapist.The interesting thing was for years I thought my back would not stand up to seeing clients all day. When I did the maths I found that I did not require to do this. I love reiki and very often am found chatting for up to an hour after a therapy session. I decided I did not wish this to change. I do not want to be rushing a client out to see the next one.

I was speaking to a client at the weekend who asked me when she should return. I told her what I tell everyone- when they decide they need more reiki. In the past I have had contact with a company who said to me “You must come for 8 sessions”.  I have to say it didn’t work for me. I think many times reiki can work in one session, but everyone is different and knows their own body and mind. I have clients who become depressed. I may not see them for 6 months until they feel the need for a boost of reiki. For this reason, even when it becomes my full time job I will not change my way of working.

I am looking forward to 2019 but will be opening up a bit more time for clients before then so do get in touch if you would like a session and remember I do have additional therapies. You can have Crystals, Thermotherapy with the Soqi Hothouse and Heat pad, Reiki and The Sun Ancon Chi machine. I am also now recording both meditation videos for adults and children and little stories for the children with their names in them. So far I have done one for gratitude and social isolation including bullying. Get in touch if you would like one of these done for someone you know or yourself.

I am also a distributor for the Sun Ancon Chi machine so get in touch if you wish to purchase one.

We all have to make the best of our life. If you get thrown a curved ball, see what life changes you can make too.

Gift vouchers are also available for  both therapies and Workshops.

Joy Fraser
UK Reiki Federation Usui Master / Teacher