Special Offers Till The End Of August!

What a Summer we are having. People are getting colds, viruses and generally feeling aches and pains.  I am lucky that when I am not well I can give myself reiki and if my body hurts, I can lie on top of my Infrared heat pad. While speaking with a client last week, I had a light bulb moment. So from today until the end of August, you can book for reiki and if you ask for the Heat pad to be added there will be no extra cost! I have also reduced the cost of the Thermotherapy treatment. This means you get the Infrared Hothouse and heat pad for only £50, again till the end of August. So if you are suffering from aches and pains, or know someone who is, then get yourselves booked in.  The Thermotherapy session takes place on a comfy single bed so you can be all snug.

I have treated people with arthritis,  M.E, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Aching legs and more with the help of the Infrared equipment, so why not give it a try at this cheaper price, before it goes up? I would love to be able to help you reduce any pain or let you have an hours Time Out.

You can also come and learn reiki in August, if you want to learn to help yourself.

Joy Fraser

UK Reiki Federation Master / Teacher