Spiritual Weekend

Spiritual Weekend

I have just returned from a memorable weekend. It was the first time ever I have gone on a spiritual weekend and did not have any expectations of what would happen. To say I was blown away would have to be an understatement! 

I am a member of a social group called SPICE. They organise events across the country every day of the year and this was one of their weekends. It was a well chosen hotel known for ghosts which Lauren felt as soon as we walked in the door so well researched by Spice. It was hosted by a wonderful Psychic Medium called Lauren Robertson who I highly recommend. She is a girl after my own heart who is so positive and full of wonderful gifts which she was then able to share with the group.

The weekend was packed with learning new skills that included Angel and Tarot cards and using our intuition. Lauren also gave us a talk on Dream Analysis which showed how many dreams are so common and interpreted them for us. It also included a few of us for the first time allowing Spirit to communicate with us and allowing us to pass on messages to others in the room. I had no intention of taking part in the last event although I was to get a surprise. When she asked who wanted to stand up I found myself rising from my chair and walking forward. I can only say it felt as if someone was guiding me and telling me it was now my turn. I was then able to pass a message on to somebody and so were the others that had taken part in this. This was mind blowing – to find that we can all connect with Spirit if we wish to.

During the weekend it was great to be with likeminded people who were all at different periods in their life where this subject was concerned but we all came together and had many precious discussions about what we were seeing and learning in our workshops. We found that amongst us we had so many suggestions for books to read that Lauren is compiling a list including ours for us. This will keep us busy for a while!

One thing about Spice weekends though is the amount of fun that can be had and it came to a head this morning with one of our group who had us all rolling with laughter at the breakfast table. I think he missed his calling. I suggested he appear in the Edinburgh Festival as a comedien.

One thing we should all remember is that life does not stand still. We can all learn things on a daily basis. This was my week for learning more about using senses that I had been unaware of and meeting new friends. Imagine going away with a group of strangers and interacting with  them as we were all learning together. It was awesome!

Next weekend I will be taking my Karuna Reiki traning. I am looking forward to it so much- always learning and growing!