PLEASE SHARE THIS and spread a little Happiness

How does it make you feel if someone steps in to help you unexpectedly? Does it give you a warm feeling?

Sometimes we do not acknowledge how much we are able to help other people and the impact it has on them. It may be you giving someone a cup of coffee. It may be helping someone with a project though not necessarily only when they ask. It may be holding a door open for someone or even just giving them a smile.

How often do you hear of a problem that someone has and come up with a solution to it?

I had a great experience of this a few years ago when a friend of mine on hearing I had a lack of space in the summertime decided to convert my attic on a budget at barely any charge at all. His answer to me was “You supported me when I needed it” This was completely unexpected and made me feel fantastic.

I also get a buzz out of helping others. I like to offer the use of my Chi machines or my time if I hear of someone in pain or needing to chill out. This week people have been helping me through my back pain. It is important to accept help when it is offered too as the sooner you fix a problem, you can then get back to helping others.

Are you like I was and feel that if you help someone you should not blow your own trumpet? I have struggled with this over the years but have come to realise that if people know what I am doing, it may make them think differently if they come across a situation they can then help with.  I’m not doing anything extra as far as I’m concerned. It’s just the way I live my life and I am sure there are thousands more out there who are the same.

We’ve all been brought up to thank people for helping us.  I want to turn this on its head and put the onus on you to raise the good feeling of wherever you work from or in the home. In fact I think the children would also love to become involved with this. For the next 3 weeks I want you all to take part in an experiment. Hopefully after this you will continue and allow the idea to spread.

 The idea is to go to the http://www.kindspring.org/ website. There you can download for free a Smile card design and print them out. Alternatively you can make your own, something again that I think children will love to join in with. Give each person in your team area or home 5 cards. If you need more then that’s great. What I want is for you to do something for colleagues/ family/ friends unexpectedly. It may be offering to help with something someone is struggling with. It may be just having a listening ear when they need you to. It can be something simple like offering to carry a load for someone, to suggesting you can help with a problem you know they have. For children it is not doing what they are expected to do in the home. Instead it is when they decide to help in another unexpected way! 

When you have helped someone you then give them a Smile card and ask them to pass it along.

 I would like you to keep a note of what you did and who you gave the card to. I also would like anyone given a card to write down their thoughts on receiving it. This will let you recognise how often that you have helped spread the word.  You should be proud of this. It is not about Ego- more about making everyone feel they are in an environment where people are aware of each other and go that little bit extra to help. The idea is NOT to collect cards but to give them away.

I know my readers are positive minded (or hoping to get there) and I know we all have different skills that enable us to help others. All I am asking that you do not wait for others to come to you. If you hear of or see a problem, then if you can, offer to help.  Please remember that although many people are very good at offering help to each other many others do not feel this way and we want to change this. 

The website I was originally going to link to was called Help others but they have now changed to Kindspring and I see that they did something similar in September so please take a good look at their website.

I wish you a successful time and please share this to get the word out that helping others is a great thing to do. I would love you to come back here and let me know what you have been doing to share the Smile cards.