I have fun in the summer growing my own vegetables but its funny how they turn out different shapes from what you buy in the shops. They do not always conform. In actual fact today is the first time I picked a straight cucumber lol. I think that’s what happens in life too. We are brought up to go to school, have a family, work and retire. That’s the conforming most of us do and the art of really living can pass you by if you’re not careful.

Each of my curled cucumbers tasted just as good as this straight one does  (I sneaked a slice). They all have their place in the kitchen even though they are different. Some people though feel that they don’t fit in and it seems like they are always trying to do so. Is this you? People all have their own special talents and if the person sitting next to you does not recognise yours then that’s their loss, not yours. Even to this day some people do not “get” reiki although the feedback from thousands over the globe is showing that yearly more people are being connected with it, even if it’s just to get an hours relaxation.

Don’t let anyone make you feel small. You are worth  your weight in gold and do not have to conform. Be like the cucumber and grow they way that’s right for you, not everyone else. Live your life now and stop thinking you need to change! Try though not to be as prickly as the cucumber.

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